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  • 83 Ooh, any particular one?

    *continues pouting for a few more seconds, then stops* Mmmeh. >.>

    Yeah, it's cute. ^w^

    . . . I was tempted to start another emoticon battle, but I decided not to. XD
    I always did find the "love story" between the Chief and Cortana interesting, and I thought Halo 4 was the end...but will the Chief actually try to restore her?
    Good! ^.^

    *pout* Fine. . . . >.>

    x3 Cute, but not Aly. Longer hair, less cute and more . . . cool? XD That girl reminds me of someone, though . . . but I don't feel like thinking of who right now. XD

    Thank you! Finally, some sympathy!
    Lol. Just go! If it's not there, you can hold me responsible. XD

    *gasp* Why I never! *turns head dramatically*

    Haha. Thanks. Now just picture her human with pink hair and eyebrows (yes, eyebrows). XD

    Pssh! Half of it is teaching, the other half is criticizing my everyday habits. *rolls eyes*
    It won't be! :D


    She's a Sonic character originally, but I turned her human for an RPG. I drew a picture of her years ago. Aly Querain

    No. The opposite, really. . . . *sighs heavily* But we have different views on a lot of things, so I'm easily annoyed by her. (I'm open-minded, but she's just plain narrow-minded!)

    x3 *hugs* Sorry. Internet hated me for a while.
    Then read a couple of chapters and go! Come back another day. XD

    Heke? *blink*

    Aly! She has common sense, is fun, street and book smart, and stays true to herself (not saying my other characters don't, but Aly just emphasizes it).

    Haha! Because her reasoning and statements were so ridiculous, I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was annoyed because it wasn't (and still isn't) making any sense. (And I was very annoyed once she commented about the way I talk. *frown*).

    Electricity went out for a sec, but I'm back now. ^ ^
    Mmm. . . . I'll have to think about it. XD

    *pout* Fine. . . . >.>

    No! Just read it there, if you're not going to buy it. People do it all the time, and I'm one of them. XD That's what the reading areas inside the stores are for~

    Hehe. You know, if it's said enough times, it could really be annoying. XD

    Nope. I've had this name since the beginning, and I'm kinda attached now. XD Plus, it's the name of one of my favorite OCs, so yeah. :p

    I had two almost-fights with my acting teacher today! :D
    Pssh! XD

    ^ ^ Okay, good. So what is it? ;P

    Read it at the bookstore! They always have it!

    :D Nya~! x3

    Hehe. EvilPanda is more like it. XD But jokes aside, I'm so used to seeing AquaWarrior that it'll take some getting used to for ShinyMeinshao. x3
    But when I saw Master Chief holding Cortana's chip...that reminded me of the heartbreaking scene near the end of Halo 4. ;^;
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