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Jul 14, 2014
May 14, 2011
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This person is dead.

ShinyMisty was last seen:
Jul 14, 2014
    1. Nakashima
      Girl, you were way out of line in your post to dangertrout =S Im in the same boat as you, so I know what its like, but blaming someone else for you self harming? Not ok. Your post was out to make Dangertrout feel like ****. Dangertrouts post was out to keep the thread a family friendly place where there arent swearwords. Its a pokemon forum, after all..
      I get how you feel, but really, blaming someone else fr what you do to yourself isnt ok. This is coming from an autistic self harmer, so I know what you feel. It's not an excuse.
    2. varanus_komodoensis
      Hey ShinyMisty, I have a quick question for you. I noticed that you have really clear, sharp, defined images of Gen VI sprites in your shiny card. Could you tell me where you get your sprites? They look very nice.
    3. Roseheart95
      That's good to hear :) Keep working at it :)
    4. Roseheart95
      I know it's difficult - you just have to remember that happy times will come again, but much more quickly if you keep going and stay strong
    5. Roseheart95
      Thanks - things have been tough recently, but there's not much you can do except pushing forward, imo
    6. Roseheart95
      Just wanted to say that Gromit is an awesome name for a Smeargle xD It fits so perfectly, and I never thought of it before :)
      Hope you do feel better, by the way. I have anxiety issues myself - so I think I can sort of relate, even if it isn't quite the same...
    7. Dangertrout
      Well, I don't have asbergers, so I can't really speak form experience on that point.
      I have friends who are though, and they are able to have social contact without feeling awful, so you may just need to find different people.
      I can speak from experience on the anxiety and depression though, and worrying about what might happen doesn't get you anywhere.
      I get the not wanting to go out because it's unsafe, but staying in can be just as bad if you're very depressed.
      Do you have a local library nearby? As ridiculous as it sounds, it's a relatively safe venue and it gets you out of the house for a bit.
      Even if you just go there and skim through their bulletin board or pamphlets for activities that sound even mildly interesting.
      You don't even have to talk to anyone ;)
      What I know from experience: you need to find something to do so you don't drive yourself further into depression with negative thought.
    8. Dangertrout
      curling up in bed doesn't help. go out and do something. sun + social contact help
    9. OfCorsola
      Oh I see now
    10. OfCorsola
      That sucks :( I have X version :D
    11. OfCorsola
      How are you? :3
    12. OfCorsola
      Hey there :D
    13. Shiny Espeon0429
      Shiny Espeon0429
      Thank you! To be honest, I just didn't know how quickly levels got up in X/Y because I didn't really notice first time around due to the Exp. Share. I probably will do another one soon, but I'm currently doing three other challenges (LG Rock Mono-type, FR Psychic Mono-type, Emerald Nuzlocke) so I'll probably finish them first. To be really honest, if the VS Seeker was an item I'd probably try to plough on as that's an amazing way to get exp, but since it isn't... I didn't really want to train my team up for several hours only for them to lose to Korrina or something.

      Good luck with your one! I do keep following it, but gutted about your starter (Though I know it was a while ago!)
    14. Zekromaster826
      Like I said, you could do B2 or W2, where they all are stationary. Its also an easier transfer to Gen VI
    15. AquaRegisteel
      Well you've actually inspired me now xD

      I'm planning on going after Azelf now on Platinum because I can't unlock Stark Mountain...so I thought I may as well hunt them if I can't advance without them.

      I also have a Shiny Bronzor to use just like you (from my BQ too :P), but it's only Lv18 and I need to train it up a lot x.x

      Hopefully we get our shinies quickly (especially after that Giratina hunt, gosh!). Good luck!
    16. Zekromaster826
      Thanks! And lol the gif is from a rap battle parody and in context the gif is alot better. Just a stupid thing I find funny. And GL to you about the lake trio. If I were you I'd go SR in B2 or W2 cause Mespirit is stationary. But that's my 2 cents
    17. AquaRegisteel
      I would say something that is immune to or resists Psychic would work best...training a Bronzong would be a good idea, it learns Hypnosis and takes little damage from any of the trio's attacks. Hypnosis is 70 accuracy in Gen 4 iirc, but you don't need to worry about missing a couple of Hypnosis.
    18. AquaRegisteel
      Well, glad to know I inspired you :)

      Mesprit flees when you talk to it, so saving before you talk to it will allow to SR it. Save in front of the cave just in case I am wrong, then check to see if I'm right xD

      Personally, I'd save annoying roamer Mesprit until last, but it's your choice.

      Hopefully you also go for Giratina too at some point afterwards. But good luck with it, and I hope luck shines (hahahaha) on you and the lake trio!
    19. Shine
      To be honest I'm feeling bad when I have to tell you that you can't get a Shiny Jirachi in Gen 6 >.<

      I kinda have the same feeling as you, as like I said, I already have one in Gen 5. Actually, it somewhat hurts more if you already have one yet unable to transfer it to Gen 6, it feels so close yet so far. Not to mention knowing that eventually the Jirachi will be the only shiny left alone in Gen 5. It's actually better if you don't have one, since you won't have to think about it XD
    20. RaichuArcanine
      Hey Good luck on your Pichu hunt! Don't worry when it shines you'll now, I knew with mine ;). Look for the darker skin and cheek pouches ;).
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