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  • xD Trying into get into a habit of reciprocal reviewing, the section is dead, I swear.

    ...You do have a lot of chapters though. :x I'll review in instalments if that's alright? xD;
    Hey~! Just letting you know that I've updated 'The Ember Days', if you're interested. x3 I've been working through reviewing my reader's 'fics, as well, so if there's something in particular you want me to read, just let me know. :3 We all could use a little feedback, mm?
    Dialga is the one that likes time and waffles lol

    hey did you get to read the latest chapt? the one where Palkia's wondering should she run or flee?
    well do you think I made Palkia too weak?
    oh and when you reviewed the reason why you couldnt tell the POVs apart was because i orginally i had dashes but when i uploaded my doc, they never showed but, but I fixed it
    Actually, I meant more the black-out on on your profile page, I think Serebii could have done a better profile snap of Mewtwo, but still a good shot. And thanks, the caped guy on my profile was my first photoshoping of a trainer.
    yeah the one about Dialga and Palkia, which I posted it here lol

    I had a question tho, which I couldnt reply on FF
    Nope, current completion on FF. I am, as far as I know, to the end so far.

    And I love that new art of Mewtwo
    Of Course, and as soon as I get off my duff, I'll spin through the rest fo it, since I'm just about done with the story as of its current completion
    Oh, what was it about? I haven't read a good Mewtwo fic in ages. I actually fell in love with the character after watching Mewtwo Strikes Back a few times when it first came out. I loved his story and his search for purpose and just how much his story got developed (unlike so many other movie characters). Plus he's a psychic-type and badass and was the strongest Pokemon at the time. How about you?

    Haha yep, I actually used this picture because before I was modded (and could have a custom dp) I liked having it as a profile picture. So I use it for this now and I've never seen a reason to change it. :>

    Fellow Mewtwo fan, I assume?

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