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Feb 13, 2019
Apr 13, 2008
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Well-Known Member

Back after 10 years. Is anyone here anymore? If you remember me, please say hi! :) Feb 13, 2019

ShinyPalkia was last seen:
Feb 13, 2019
    1. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Well your English sounds fine to me.

      If they don't let you join send them to Snover and i'll sort them out.

      Good luck with the other forums.
    2. Igottapoo
      Aw it's okay ^_^

      Thanks. Tee hee that tickles ^_^

      Aww I'm sorry about school :/ I hope you can put up with it.
    3. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      That was a very long message SP.

      Are you going anywhere nice?
    4. Spoinky
      That's so pretty <3 Thanks ShinyPalkia :D
    5. rekreatur
      ... Are you calling me a *****? >_>

      Um, yeah. How did you find out? O.o; I like it there, but I don't think either SPPf or PC is better, the PC members do seem less sarcastic and more mature though.

      You start school tomorrow? I started it yesterday. >.>
    6. Darato

      And what's this about you showing naked pictures of yourself? I want to see. As for the rest don't you go and die on me. I'd be upset beyond anything in the world.

      I hope you have fun with that.

    7. palingensia
      lol don't be afraid, it's only me.
      ...on second thought, do be afraid. >D

      Because you're mean like that? ;__;

      Winhand? What? I'm guessing that's a city/town? o_o;

      lol I listen to music so much it'd scare you then. I listen to it for hours a day, and when I go to sleep. =D
    8. palingensia
      Happy New Year's to you! =D
    9. latiaswindblast
      How great.^^
      Did I wish you a Happy New Year yet?XD
      I forgot..If not..HAPPY NEW YEAR!XD(Late 'ay?><)
      But,my year couldn't start any better.=3
    10. Tadashi
      Ugh, I agree. Hopefully it wasn't too bad for you!

      *giggles* Yep, that's essentially what it is ^_^' Hehe, fair enough. I shall track down Team Galactic manga when my scanner is all set up ^^

      Aha, I gotcha. Two banners? You're quick :3
    11. Dimentio
      Happy New Year to you as well. Dang, I am quite late on the responses lately...I need to stop being lazy. Too bad I already found a New Year's Resolution? xP

      What is your resolution, if any?
    12. Xylitol
      Whoops, en ole ollut serebiifoorumeilla hirveän aktiivinen viime aikoina, mutta hyvää uuttavuotta sinnekin!
    13. Palamon
      yea yellow is ^_^
    14. Tadashi
      Oh I hate that D: Visiting people/places/things in the middle of nowhere. Always completely awesome. e_e

      Ah... it's a boy's love kinda thing ^^; Yaoi... wee~! By book 2, it gets hardcore <_<; So your parents might not let you have it... XD; And damn, that's expensive! ;-;

      Did I? XD Awesome. That's too bad ;~; If you like, I could prolly buy a book & scan it & send you the scans.

      Cool ^_^ I wish you luck~

    15. black_webs
      Hello, long time no speak :P any way i wanted to wish you a happy new year! Have fun and speak to you soon...
    16. Tadashi
      Thank you!! Happy New Year to you, too! 8D

      Oh man, same here ^_^;

      Aww, that sucks! I got some good stuff, actually ^_^ I got some bookstore gift cards, and I used them to buy Gravitation manga :D I'm downloading episode 1 as we speak ^_^;; I also got a scanner/printer combo, yay!

      Yeah, I did ^^ I don't think it was very important anyway XD
    17. Palamon
      happy new year shinypalkia ^_^
    18. Darato
      Thank you, only six more days :)

      Glad to hear it ;)

      I don’t mind talking with vm one bit. If you still want to talk about the stuff we’ve been talking about or anything else private just send it to that e-mail I gave you instead. That way you don’t need to clear out your inbox. Like you said you don’t like doing that. And it’s all about what makes you happy in the end. That’s all I care about.

      Well you can’t really go skiing without expecting a few mishaps to happen. At least everything worked out for you in the end. I mean you’re still a little sore and have some headaches but that’s all part of it. We have fun doing all these things then the next day we still can feel them. It must have been a mix of cool/funny/weird seeing someone that looks like you; even if it wasn’t real.

    19. ShadowLugia1
      Thanks!Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to you too! ^-^
    20. Darato
      I hate to beg you like this but, I need to know.

      I’m going away with some friends this week to celebrate year years/my birthday. The only thing is I can’t go without hearing what you think of the e-mail I sent you. I hate to push you like this but please help me out; that way I know if I should feel sad or happy. I meant every single word of it.

      You’re friend and brother David.

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