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  • OMG, Its so nice too see you again! -hugs back-

    Nah, You havent been that bad, I guess I understand your feelings towards me. Ive had the exact same feelings in my past so...

    Wow, that sounds good =P

    So how have you been?
    For my friends - though I guess my "enemies" enjoy reading this more. Oh, you wanna know what's "an enemy" of this guy? If you don't listen to your conscience, how would you listen to me? A/w...

    I am not coming here anymore, not a single visit. I hate everything here, and I definitely mean everything. Stop sending me VMs and PMs - it leads to nothing. If you truly were my friend and not just an avatar on the list, then you know how to contact me - either visit PC, or send me an email (see the contact info). I would suggest you to do the second one - send me an email. Yeah, also, this is a tiny test to test who are my friends and who are not. So please, do as you will, but I will always love a few of you no matter what.

    By love and hate, SP.
    Thanks a lot!...nice colours, too =P

    Yes, I'm going over there later this year - my older brother moved permanently to Finland three or four years back, and because he loves the country so much, we have to go and see him, not vice versa xD He lives near the centre of Helsinki =)

    I think it was a combination of both really. I was both dead and in your room. Which suggests I'm either a zombie or you killed me.

    It has been a while. And I still haven't translated that huge big thing for you. ;__; Sorry... How have you been though?
    Still the same, boring life but with a girlfriend now =P
    Wanna continue what we started? It's been quite a while.
    Hello, Im just trying to get as many peoples MSN addys who are in our SPPF family, do you think I could have it?, if you want to get to know me first thats fine i'm going to send you a freind request on here and we can chat
    x_x; I'm sorry. I was going to make you a banner, and still really do want to make you one except our computer crashed and I lost Photoshop. My brother's friend let me install it from his copy so I don't actually have a Photoshop installation CD. And now my brother and his friend aren't actually friends anymore since his friend moved school, and so I'm kinda stuck. I'm saving up for Photoshop but it's $200 and I only have $70 in my wallet ): I want to get a job since I think some work here hire 14 year olds but like, I don't know how ;~; Plus it'd be a hassle for my parents ):

    AND AZOINK IS SO CUTE <3333333333333333333
    Sepä on mukavaa kuulla. Osoite olisi mieluinen. Minä kun olen kauan miettinyt mistä näitä saisi lukea eikä mistään ole tärpännyt. :)
    I'm good. Well, you could look at mine and check some of the members onmy Family List.
    I can't help but notice...

    Please, don't consider suicide. At all. There are ways to work around your thoughts and attempts. There are trained professionals that can help you sort your life out. There are people - family, friends - who care about you and will certainly miss you when you're gone. It's one of the worst things anybody could do to themselves and to those around them.

    Please don't do it ;-;
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