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  • Now now, that is absolutely unacceptable! I am immensely happy that those attempts failed, Solana- suicide is entirely NOT an option. Any life, as tragic as it might be, has the potential to become amazing (and certainly to become plain old nice). Yours is no different. You need to remove the notion of suicide from your mind and get some counseling, Solana. No excuses. u_u
    I can't help that number, hahaha. ^_^;

    Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're not doing so well, Solana (XP). I hope you're alright, at least. Not sick or any such thing. =)
    Ooh, hon, that sucks D: Put some ice on it and get plenty of rest! <3

    Yay catboys! ^o^ I had no idea Saturn was a catboy! =o

    Oh, that's kinda neat. Did you guys have fun? ^^ Did you learn any German? XD I want to learn the phrase, "sit down and shut up!" in German so I can yell at my dog XD (He's part schnauzer, part poodle. We already know French, so German is next XD)

    I have been doing pretty well, thank you ^^ I'm starting to get sick myself. =\ Five days, really? What are you doing there? o_O;

    I can't lie, I giggled a little bit. In North America, rubber just refers to, well, a substance made of rubber. I understand that England uses the term rubber to refer to condoms. Ah, it's not your fault, though. You did try, at least! :)
    omg thanks for the happychristmas message LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    i dont pay much attention to this but i will yes ma'am
    happy ex-holidays to you too loooooooooooooooooooooool
    =O That's cool. Always good to get new eps.

    Officially gone where?? And yeah I hope Cyrus is gonna have a big part in the ep, doing something or other of importance.
    Lol sure I guess xD

    Good that you to see that! They are crap, and thats one of my reasons why I went inactive myself. And they get worse for each week that goes x_x Ive gotten pretty unfare infraction points in my past -.-

    And norwegian food? Lol what? xD I guess you could xP

    Haha, still saturn obsessed I see =D Something never change.

    Im doing good/ bad/ im alive. Yourself?
    That's so pretty ;~;
    I need to make you something to say thanks, is there anything that you love that's like, easy to get a picture of? x_x
    My computer won’t let me download the banner you made me. Is there any way you can send me a link to it though my VM? I’d love to add it to my sig so I can show how much of a terrific friend you are. I really don’t deserve a friend that is great as you are; thank you for being so. That is when you get back from being inactive.

    Merry christmas and happy new year xP *late*

    Sorry, guess I can try to be a little more active on school days =p Nothing else to do here anyways xD

    So whats up?
    Oh dear. Well, I hope he's feeling better ^^'

    Umm... well, Gravitation is probably the most popular one out there. I can recommend Loveless, if you have it there. It has catboys :3

    Cool ^^ I'm a beginner too, so my banners aren't very good XD But I can crop and resize pictures pretty well 8D
    Not a problem. ^^ I hope you don't get too lazy that it prevents you from doing well in your studies now...That would hardly be a good thing.

    Ah, I see. Well why not even make one that's easy to remember? Something like a bad habit to stop doing. That's what my resolution is; to stop chewing the skin around my nails, because it's by far the nastiest habit I have. ;.;

    Your a very beautiful person and anyone would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend/wife. Don't go and sell your body out like that, no one should need to do that. I know there is someone out there right now that likes you. Just give it sometime I'm sure there is someone out there is someone you have a crush on right now. You can tell me, you can tell me anything.

    I don't mean to do that to you right now. I just having some computer problems and can't get on is much. They should be fixed today however.

    Well your English sounds fine to me.

    If they don't let you join send them to Snover and i'll sort them out.

    Good luck with the other forums.
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