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  • Thanks for joining the sonic group! I'm sure a Mew event will come. Nintendo owes one for the 4th gen. They always give out all the unobtainables sooner or later!
    Hmmm... The only other way I could see easily getting a mew would be to hack an old sea chart in emerald. Or check gts regularly. They'll most likely give a mew over wi-fi again once the english version is released. I mean they haven't had a Mew event for fourth gen yet!
    But...shipping & handling...expensive...D: (You're lucky! :D)
    I think I'll wait until the stores say that you can preorder the game 2 weeks or something before it comes. xD;;
    Ohh! I thought you meant that you would preorder the Japanese games!
    Err...nevermind then. xD If you mean the English ones, yeah I'll be preordering them too when they're available. 8)
    ...if 2010 ever gets here of course. D:
    That's true. xD And it would be really confusing when you battle since there's no descriptions or names of the moves & stuff. :p
    No a guy told you that you can’t find out if a pokemon was shiny until you battle your rival in HGSS which is not true so I was giving you advice
    Aw, that's so lucky! But it's too bad they're the Japanese versions though. So are you still going to get the English games when they come out?
    Actually that’s in all games before HGSS and its in the first battle against the wild pokemon and besides the first battle in HGSS is against your rival and so you are wrong since you must be talking about HGSS
    They sure do. (Silver was my first Pokemon game. xD) But won't it be expensive to preorder them both?
    Yes! 8) So have you played HG/SS yet? I can't wait for it to come to North America. Hopefully, we'll get a Pikachu-coloured Pichu event as well. D:
    Hi there! I've just joined & have seen your posts in over half the threads I've viewed so far. xD It's great to see another Pichu lover! The little guy deserves more love. :3
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