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ShinyPokemon inc.
Last Activity:
Apr 3, 2020 at 9:23 AM
Dec 9, 2012
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The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

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ShinyPokemon inc.

The Lighting King, from The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

ShinyPokemon inc. was last seen:
Apr 3, 2020 at 9:23 AM
    1. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      To add: Thank you for sending me friend request. Ill gladly accept it.
    2. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Hi,nice to meet you. Now to answer the question:
      Judging by BW episodes in order to accomplish her dream, Iris would have to raise and evolve dragons becoming one day good enough to understand hearts and feelings of dragon types.

      With Misty she has more complex dream wanting to become something much higher(best water trainer in world),which is basically becoming one of E4 since they are best mono trainers.That and with Whirl Cup it was showed how there exist tasks you need to enter expanding abit on whole term.Episodes like "Around the Whirlpool", "Dueling Heroes" or "Perfect duel" further touch this, though it wasn't cleared enough.

      It was established in anime how there exist different meanings for one type masters.Like "Water pokemon master" being explained to be strongest water pokemon trainer in world with prestigious title being given to those who proven themselves worldwide among other water trainers,while with Iris goal it was showed how "dragon master" means very specific title which is given to those from dragon village who have proven themselves to be worthy of it by having immense knowledge and expertise about dragons.
      As such with Iris career as showed with Drayden you can be both gym leader and dragon master. But with Misty career which aims to be strongest water trainer in world with water based events shoeing how there exist specific tasks to conquer like coordinators do with contests gym position won't make her fulfill her quest. Especially when she was gym leader before meeting Ash returning back only because of useless sisters.

      Someone like Wallace could probably be closest to water master we ever saw in pokemon.

      p.s. You see dragon and water master are similar in name sense. But in meaning and what is needed to accomplish it, they are quite different from one to another. Similar how word "light" can have different meanings either being opposite to heavy, or referring to term "bright". Hope i helped and cleared things up for you.
    3. Pokemon1998Ash
      The Nintendo Games I Play at home while the other games I play at my Friends Crib. :)
    4. Pokemon1998Ash
      I Play Pokemon,Sonic,Mario,DBZ,GTA, and Etc. :)
    5. Pokemon1998Ash
      Nice to meet You. :)
      Yeah same with me.
      Anime and Games. :)

      I understand Bro. :)
    6. Pokemon1998Ash
      Thats good to hear.
      Name is Devin. :)
      Are you only on this Thread for Trading Purposes? :)
    7. Pokemon1998Ash
      How Are You? :)
    8. Squirtle_007
      I tried to watch it, but ... something about it didn´t get me, mainly, the fact that it had too much Sci-Fi things and lost all that mystic japanese mythology that Dragon Ball had
    9. Squirtle_007
      Proud BW fan :D ... a little intense but ... if there are anti-BW trolls, I can be a pro-BW troll =P.

      Nah, actually, I think that people are a bit too harsh with the season, and they mostly don´t know what they want and ... well, that´s because I´m here :3
    10. NegaiFreak
      Thanks, though I do like other previous series better, this still was a great series. The battles were good, and there were plenty of characters to go around, along with there being some unexpected surprises. I'll admit, there are some things I disagree with in the series (such as Unfezant not getting rid of Gust of Air Cutter yet), but they don't have anything on the series as a whole. Thanks again!
    11. FairyWitch
      hello i recall you asking about my bannner...if you like a banner from my shop it is open :) and how are you doing?
    12. LizardonX
      got your FR :D nice to meet you.
    13. Hilda
      I'm not sure if it was you, but sorry for saying something a bit harsh in the forums.
    14. 1rkhachatryan
      Hey man, thanks for the friend request :). I'm Robert.
    15. VS
      Welcome .
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    The Hyperbolic Time Chamber
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    I have no clue
    I was born in the north lived there for half my life moved to the south where I made friends and got into pokemon star wars dragon ball z and other shows

    Dicussing Anime, making friends, playing video games, using my computer, hanging out with my friends