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  • Lol, I'm so glad you got a good boss! I've been fortunate enough to have some great employers in the past myself, but there's always those horror stories about the bosses that are...less than perfect.

    So far school has been hard, but decent I guess. I'm taking Physics (with a lab), Calc II, and English 1102M at the same time, so it's definitely tough on homework and stuff. I really can't wait to get out of these core classes, lol.

    On a side note, our church tried going to Winter Jam in Greenville, SC, but there were so many people there that we got turned away. Praying that we make it to the one in Atlanta Sunday!
    Man, that sounds great! It's good to have work that doesn't annoy the hound out of you, lol.

    I'm mainly trying to find a third job, since my other two are out of season right now. Besides that, just trying to get ready for my first semester at college. There's a lot more pre-orientation stuff to do than I thought there was.
    Haha, thanks! And yeah, I'm actually using it right now. :)

    So, since I haven't talked with you in a while, how's life? Enjoying summer?
    Lol, I just randomly looked at the birthday list and thought, "It'd be funny if I saw someone I knew on the list today."

    Happy Birthday! ^_^
    Man, I'm not sure how everyone else is doing. I haven't been driving around much. All I know is I just about slept through it, lol.

    I got the PM. Weird, I could just respond to the PM instead of talking about it. I'm still talking about it. Huh.
    Yeah, it looks like it could be a doozy.

    Eh, don't feel too bad, I have hardly played Pokemon at all since last November, lol. I was just wondering since the first round in Georgia is in Athens, which is like 10 minutes from my house. If I actually go (probably won't, lol), it might be cool to meet some people I know from Serebii.
    Your welcome! Our neck of the woods may need it tomorrow!

    No, I'm not into competitive battling....not to mention the fact that I haven't even played Pokémon for months and months....
    Thanks, we might really need it. The weather experts are saying that if you even want to sleep, you need to be in your basement. :\

    Aw, lucky! Our Spring Break isn't for a couple of weeks...I think. Sounds like fun, lol.

    Btw, are you going to the VGCs by any chance?
    Wow, that's really soon! I only have one year left of school myself. Really gonna miss my friends, however little there may be. That sounds like fun, I wish you good luck in computer programming.

    Everything. I don't want to get too much into it but basically things have been getting better the past few months. I'm thinking 2012 is going to be a good year :)
    You remembered correctly. It has! May 2011 to be exact!

    I've been really great, I'm much happier these days. Yourself?
    Thank you very much! I definitely have you to thank for getting me into graphics design. I love it, and will continue on it for a long time.
    Try 20s during broad daylight, lol. That kind of freezing. :p

    I'll try to give you a better description when I get back on the computer. I can't upload a screenshot since I lack a Photobucket account (or anything else), but I'll try to take a look next time I get the chance.
    Between Skyrim and the first season of The Big Bang Theory, I'd say so. But it was the first Christmas without my grandfather, so things were emotional when my grandmother and uncle received a poem my dad wrote about my grandfather.

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