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  • Man, I am so sorry for not messaging you earlier about the freestyle you posted me... I've just been completely bombarded with my studies. You know what, I've listened to what you have produced and I am impressed! A helpful piece of advice would be to make the pronunciation of some of your words more clear so people don't get confused as to what you are about to say.
    So when you remove the element of power dynamics from racism you are taking away precious context from the discussion.

    Now being racist in and of itself doesn't make you a terrible person, because we are socialized to be that way and NO ONE is exempt from socialization (and I literally mean no one). The thing is, unless you are listening to the voices of People of Color(Blacks, hispanics, asians, ect) and actively fighting against their oppression, you are being complicit. And you don't get a cookie for that, or a gold star, or a pat on the back.

    So brah, I guess in summary: Only white people can be racist because when it comes to race, white people gots the power. And punching down is not the same as punching up, AT ALL.

    P.S.: Because I feel it in my bones that I have to clarify this: When I'm talking about white people, I'm talking about them as a group, not each and every individual white person.

    (Part 3)
    Why is this power dynamic important? Because due to that power dynamic the way white people and black people experience racial discrimination is completely different. If a black person goes up to a white person and assaults them, the white person can be comfortably sure that the police will have their back. If a white person goes up to a black person and assaults them, the black person is going to have to go through an uphill battle to get justice, because the system is set up to protect white people. Power dynamics are important because the majority of politicians are white and make decisions and rulings that affect white people and black people unequally, (ie. black people are more likely to use certain drugs, while white people are more likely to use other drugs. The drugs that black people use are more harshly controlled that the ones white people use even though they can generally be understood to be the same). This power dynamic is important because white people control most of the wealth and they are the ones deciding how to distribute it mainly amongst themselves. This power dynamic is important because when white people open carry absurd rifles they are merely exercising their second amendment right, but when a black person is seen holding a toy gun in walmart he gets SHOT DOWN.This power dynamic is important because even if a white person doesn't personally actively participate in racial discrimination, they still get to benefit from the opression of others! This power dynamic is important because it is a self perpetuating structure, which means that it has to be actively dismantled, it won't go away on it's own.

    (Part 2)
    Why do you keep using racial slurs? It doesn't matter if you're directing them at anyone or just stating them. Knock it off.

    The thing that you keep missing in the discussion is: power dynamics. Certain groups of people have power while certain groups of people don't. These power dynamics exits on various axes, but right now we're focusing specifically on race. Can a white person be opressed? Yes, but not for being white. They might be opressed for being a woman, for being trans, for being gay, for being a religious minority, ect, BUT not for being white.

    (Part 1)
    Thanks for using a racial slur!

    Also, I feel this is relevant! Regarding your attitude about holidays.

    Also you seem to misunderstand why programs like affirmative action exist and what they are trying to accomplish. Google is your friend. Do better.
    Yeah, I mean, those pesky minorities, wanting to be given the same rights and privileges that white people recieve. How dare they!?

    (Btw of you're wondering why I'm not taking this conversation seriously 1. I've already provided links in the actual debate thread regarding the institutionalized nature of racism whilst you have provided anecdotal evidence of dubious merit. 2. YOU were the one who came to MY profile making racist claims and whinibg about how white people have it so bad. 3. Also there was that whole gang rape comment which you opened with, which, way to equate being called out with rape, class act dude!)
    So 11 months out of the year are already white history month, and you want another one? Greedy much?

    You forgot to complain about BET and how there isn't a white eaquivalent.
    Ok, I simplified it a bit. It's not so much that only white people can be racist, but that you can't be racist against white people. Sure minorities can be racist against each other, BUT it still doesn't play out the same way as racism from whites to minorities because even though they are reinforcing an oppressive power structure against other minorities, they themselves don't benefit from it in the same way white people do. So whether or not minorities can be racist to each other is a bit debatable.

    Also, I think I've made it clear, but considering you just came to my profile to tell me how black people love to blame everything on the white man just like any other minority. I would like to clarify that I think you're super crazy racist. I mean I'm aware that you don't think so, but just fwi, you are.
    Oh, wow, did you really just refer to what's going on in the debate thread as a "gang rape"? Because if you did, wow. Thumbs ultra down.

    Also I'm not entirely sure you know what Irony is.
    I was hoping for specific instrumental covers. Do you have a separate musical producer making your stuff? How are your "off the dome" rapping?
    My friend, you gotta start making that more than a one time thing. What instrumentals have you done freestyles over so far?
    Ahh. Eh well 4 days off gotta be good man.

    I guessed it's a really good movie and it's on my "to watch" list.
    Oh **** yeah it's been a while. How's **** been?

    I ain't watched 8 mile I watch movies on an impulse, if I feel like I wana watch then I will. Not just cos it's got Eminem.
    I was Kid A/Mr Rabbit/Steal This Username/Conquistador.

    I was the ****er that shoulda been but just posted.
    I don't have one with me tbh.in general im ****ed for mics.

    thought so. i posted there too. i ****ing dominated too.

    it aint happenin atm. when it can trust me it will but right now it just aint happenin.
    @ fango panto. Why can't you record? If you download audacity you can record music with any microphone and its free. That's what i started out with and its a good daw for free. I now use a professional program that costs $500
    Because I can't afford a decent mic. Right now family's broke and I don't have my drum kit on demand due to house issues.

    As I said I am a lyricist however and am willing to help write anything really as long as I know the instrumental behind it all.

    your name sounds familiar.....EGC??
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