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  • Sorry I haven't been replying for so long. I'm a busy guy. Holy s**t though, 20 minutes! That's impressive. I hate message of Gangsta Rap but I ironically see West Coast Gangsta Rap as my favourite rap music (I can't stand trap music). So, you recorded those bars yet?
    Amazing, I never came to realise that you were that invested. You really know your stuff and I admire you for that. To put lyrics first and really spend wisely on your studio that seems to be maintaining itself is a very good sign of your progress as a rapper. $800 dollars left eh? That won't really be much of a problem to increase once you start putting out new tracks to your fans and other people who are willing to buy into your music. Out of curiosity, are there any other songs that you got somebody to ghostwrite for you? (I know that your content is really your content) I'm just generally curious?
    Oh yeah, I can completely understand the perspective that you are looking at. The last thing we need is another generic mainstream rapper. Remember, being a rapper is a career so good money has to be out of it. Of course, you need to be lyrically diverse because rap music has the most generic subjects out of all musical genres and this is coming from a hardcore rap fanatic like myself. You say you're going to build a studio? How is that going so far for you?
    Yeah, that's fair enough. Major record labels are professional businesses at the end of the day. They'd kick you out if you're not profitable enough. Just look at that excuse of an "artist" called Trinidad James. He was a one hit wonder who failed to deliver on Def Jam's standards. Any indie labels willing to hire around your area?
    That's clever marketing man. Yeah, playing at parties and public venues is the best idea. Yeah, you've sent me your tracks. Have any record companies noticed you yet?
    I see, I just wanted to give you the heads up. So, how big are you as a rapper at your hometown?
    Aah right, I get you. Just be careful about sampling like that. Copyright laws are a pain in the ***.
    Man, just listen to him now that you gave me his name. This guys a talented rapper! It's good to know that you're really branching out for inspiration.
    Wow, that's crazy! well then, I wish you the best of luck in terms of blowing up. And stay safe in Chicago, I heard more than enough to realise that it's the land of the killers. If I were you, if you want to distinguish yourself as a rapper, try listening to British grime music (it's basically British rap. Really dark and gritty). I'm not saying you should be that style cause you already have your own but it's outside influence that makes you stand out. Just look at Yeezy. He sampled from Soul, Orchestral, Rock, SynthPop, House and Original Soundtracks to produce what he's got.
    Yeah, him and Twista really made an impact on the Midwest. Tech is up there with the likes of Kendrick Lamar. Speaking of which, have you ever heard of the song Rigamortis by Kendrick?
    Okay, so, I begin by asking things about the black market. How many people usually get things directly from the black market?

    In a sense, I’m just asking if more people get their things from their friends who have access to these things, or do most people get them directly from the original suppliers?

    Also, what counts as the “getting it from black market” just for reference? Illegally getting the item? Being sold by an unofficial business? Is there a defined way of explaining it, or does it have a more broad definition?

    Aside from that, what are the codes of these places? Supposedly, people in these areas have a specific way of walking in order to avoid conflict (Or trying to). It is their social shared understanding in that area. I’m not sure how to explain this one though.

    Are gang attacks commonly reported? Or not? You said earlier that if they think they are a “rat out type” they will kill them. But just how much does that happen and is reported? How badly is it under reported? It’s okay to not have stats to reference for this one, but don’t start mentioning numbers, just tell me how much you feel it is under reported.

    Finally, do people in these living conditions listen to news or enjoy programs or shows? In general, do they watch much tv or listen to radios?
    I understand they might be too poor to pay for such things, but I know they can find someplace to look at these things. Do they use the internet too? Maybe at internet cafes? I'm asking because I'm wonder just how much access to information they have, and honestly how much they care about it. I understand they focus on much more direct threats to them nearby, but I want to know anyway. If just for the sake of comparison to my conditions.
    In the ghetto, lots of people are homeless as well and will murder you to take you're money. They murder because they're homeless and have no money, they stab you, shoot you, assault you, etc. Whatever they gotta do to get you're money. Once they get enough money they either grand theft auto somebody's car (rarely happens) or walk to the store to get food to eat. They have different lives in the ghetto and poverty is the reason for they're crime. How is crime the reason for poverty? It's not, higher poverty = higher crime. You can't just walk in there and give them money, because they will attack you. You gotta figure out another way to approach them into helping them get out of poverty. The question is, what can we do? Better question rather, would they continue doing what they do if they didn't live in poverty because someone helped them? Would they still be a criminal or would they change?
    This interested me quite a bit. Do you mind if I ask some questions since you seem to know a lot about an area that I'm not really that familiar with? I'm kind of curious, maybe if I understood more, I could help. .-....

    Since this isn't directly about guns, i think it is okay to move onto here. That being said, It is your choice to answer me or not, I'm just curious.
    That sucks. I wish I could rap. Well I can, I just wish I was good haha. I have all these lines in my head and when it comes to write I have nothing which is why I don't rap
    It's cuz they work with them. There's no proof on the internet but I've been alive for 20 years I've seen crazy ****, I know people whos father was a cop in a bad area in a city and he told me personally some of the units work with the gangs because the government makes money. Not all police units do but in the city a lot of them do.
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