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  • Yea thats what I've been saying. The cops could easily get them, but for some reason they don't. And thats possibly the most reasonable reason there is. Every government becomes corrupt eventually, though.
    IDK about that, man. All the gangbangers over here are weak and don't do anything. They just join the gang just to say they're in it. I expect more gangbangers to be like that, but theres always a couple that are actually serious.
    The Latin Kings are actually a puerto rican gang. There are actually more puero ricans in that gang than mexicans. And the gangs are minor they're not really a problem here in the US. The government is much stronger here in the US and United States won't get as bad as Mexico is with the drug dealers doing whatever the hell they want over there.
    That's pretty bogus, but if you think about it, hispanics are pretty much running the.country now. Just a matter of time until they give green cards and papers away.
    I'm Mexican bro, born over there but moved over here when I was 3. I'm not illegal though. But your right aurora is really full of Mexicans. I'm guessing your white?
    Haha why do you hate Aurora? Once my brother got lost coming back from that one mall and ended up in St. Charles. We had no idea lol.
    Oh yea I know where st charles is. It's pretty nice there. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? And wow it's a small world. xD
    Yea the south is so messed up. & I live like a couple miles away from O'Hare. It takes like 15 minutes to.get to downtown.
    Naw bro. I don't even live near a "hood", it's mainly caucasian but a lot of hispanics are taking over so that's nice. Every place has a "hood" but no place in Chicago is as bad as south side. That place is only compatible to citys like Compton. It's that bad.
    Yeah I've heard the theories behind his death and they seem a bit scary. Like the idea that the government or the media can just make someone disappear like that.
    That's really deep, yeah this generation is very very dependent on technology... If we were to suddenly use it then what? Especially without leaders... I feel like it'd just turn into Lord Of The Flies or something
    Sweet, thanks man, I might check it out. Mainly I've kinda been done researching things to debate about right now, so you may see me around sometime in the future
    haha, yeah I've decided to stop after today as well. its not a good debate forum but eh, can't win 'em all?
    I miss having you around on the debates, its gone down hill. You structured a well thought argument unlike most now. Looking back on our debate, you were a great opponent to debate against
    But wouldn't they be losing money since they're having to fund anti drug campaigns? Like right now we're spending tons in the mexican drug war
    Sorry, it was about 2 am my time I was a pretty tired. So my main question is what does this have to do with the actual legalization? Also I do see where you're coming from with all this corporation extortion.
    also I want to point to out then whats wrong with people buying homegrown? I don't see what this has to do with the actual legalization of weed.
    Okay so you can compare pain killers and weed, but i can't compare weed and tomatoes? And the gov't would not add chemicals, the individual corporations will.
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