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  • But by saying that you're shooting down on of your fellow proponents arguments that the gov't can tax it. And the fact that I could grow it in my backyard, I can grow tomatoes in my yard and you don't see the gov't freaking out a kicking down my door for not paying the tax I would if I bought it at the grocery store
    So then why would we ever legalize it in your and my life time if we won't fully understand it? Until we fully test all strains then we can't legalize it.... basically we have all this negative information and minimal positive to balance it out. Also you continue to claim that different strains do different things... okay? Proof please? Oh wait are you gonna just say you already explained it because you're too scared to actually.... learn
    YES IT DOES OMFG! I don't understand what you don't understand about the side effects of weed and the long term mental effects it has! Please by all means give me a source that says weed does not cause memory loss, depression, loss of perception etc.
    Still saw your post on Ansems wall ;P The mental effects are long term, if you knew what you were talking about you'd understand I'm not talking about the buzz you get
    although, i dislike the feeling of having my mental state effected. i wass basically a human guinea pig for painkilers and the side effects were not pleasant.
    Got that right.
    Thanks (even though I don't celebrate) .
    I don't hate people cuz they have a different opinion. That's just it, we have a different opinion.
    haha hey umbreon. don't listen to these trolls man. I know it can piss you off the ignorance seems to have no end. that's because the ignorance in some indeed has no end. you really shouldn't worry about it and simply rejoice because you are in the right and you know it. come over to my place and i'll pack my vape and we'll have a fat bag and we can talk and have a laugh at these fools
    YAY !! You completed a full statement without a grammatical error!! Your mom must be proud, I know I am! :)
    For Gastrodon I would suggest Earthquake, Surf, Stone Edge and Ice Bea

    For Tentacruel I would suggest Surf, Sludgebomb, Ice Beam and Barrier
    Are you gonna tell me that I should of used "Mean Look", or had put them to sleep or whatever.. >_<
    Cause I know all that stuff now x3
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