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  • Hi there man,

    I'm interested in your adamant Nobunaga Ray 3172 ノブナガ Rayquaza Adamant 31/31/31/31/31/31 ★ .
    Do you only trade your events with flawless events as well? I don't have any flawless events but I can trade you more than one of a different nature of something I have more than one.

    I want to list my offers but your pm's full. I can't afford to flood your page. Pm me when you can.
    In response to your post, the shiny Colloseum Bayleef turned out to be a hack. I'm not very sure about the Meowth either, but the Banette should be fine. Still interested in the Korean Pikachu too, and you're out of PM space.
    Your PMs are full.

    I'm interested in your 7100 えいがかん Celebi Timid 31/31/31/31/31/31. Are you looking for RNGs at all? I have a few ready to trade on the second post in my shop.
    Weren't you around during the Blockhead Incident? I got my name-change sometime around then, like mid to late November haha.

    I have what I used to have. I hope. And a bunch of foreign DWs with proof, some of which are under my OT:.
    Do you still trade? If so could I offer you something from my shop for your wish Pokémon, if those aren't for trade could I trade for your PCNY pokes?
    Just want to warn you that no shadow pokemon from pokemon XD exist. Shiny-check. The starter eevee, pokespot pokemon, ingame trades, and gift pokemon in it are the only pokemon that can be shiny.
    my shop is still open. i'm still trading. neoseeker is better since less whiny douchebags there.
    Nah, I don't think so. Or at least, it doesn't look like that to me. The EragonFanatic has to have started much earlier than BW to get such a huge collection. :x
    Probably through years of collecting. I wouldn't be surprised if he started during the age of D/P, when trading became immensely easier because of Nintendo WiFi.
    Haha, they say a job is not a job if you enjoy it. :p

    Ahh that's good. There's quite a bit you've missed out on, but catching up on Events shouldn't be too hard.
    Ehh, I've closed shop. Again. My DS is screwed and I don't have enough Files for Events to keep going.

    Life atm is pretty meh, cos I'm on break. Now I just spend virtually the whole day on Forums. You? Winter break?
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