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Recent content by ShinyVaati

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    The PSN/Gamertag thread

    Haven't been playing much as of late due to not having time, but what the heck? Might as well (say you're from here and what not): PSN: ShinyVaati
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    Pokemon Movie 14 US Release Details

    I can't believe they're releasing them in theaters! It's a limited release but it's better than nothing. I do hope one of those 300 theaters in close to my area, I'd love to see them on the big screen!
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    Dog person or cat person? Or other pets too!

    I love dogs, they'd always be my first choice for a pet. I like cats, though, but I'd never have one as a pet. Dogs are more active than cats which I personally think makes them nicer to have, and more fun.
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    Do the writers actually listen to the fanbase?

    I don't really think they do, and even if they do, it would only be the Japanese fans. The anime is basically a 20 minute advertisement for the games aimed towards children. Yeah, this doesn't mean it can't have depth, and they do throw the older fans a bone sometimes, but that's about all it...
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    A possible 6 generation Pokemon reveal??

    So they took Pichu, tinted it green, and give it leaf-ears? My god I hope that's fake. The poster looks fake and really just mentions something getting revealed next year. This is also very unlike how they would usually reveal a new Pokemon.
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    Hurricane Irene

    Category 1's can still do some damage (Hurricane Isabel comes to mind), but Irene has been a bit underwhelming compared to what was being forecast. It's still caused some trouble though.
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    Hurricane Irene

    My neighborhood must have some bubble around it because seems like everyone I know is getting this storm worse than I am. A giant tree near my friend's yard collapsed (thankfully away from their house), while the trees here are barely swaying back and forth anymore than they normally do. Tons of...
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    How do you feel about 4 Gyms done in 1 year?

    As of now there might not be much they could do with the eastern side of Unova. Like mentioned earlier, if they ever get the Team Plasma plot up and going, they could make at least part of it take place there. If not, whatever content is brought on by the inevitable Third Version (and possible...
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    How do you feel about 4 Gyms done in 1 year?

    I'm just hoping they stick with the 20-25 episode gap between gyms; it's just the right amount of space to allow stuff like captures, training, character development, and whatever various plot-lines they come with up to get done. I didn't like how the first three gyms were only 10 episodes...
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    Hurricane Irene

    Irene is set to tear right through where I live as a Cat.2. The only thing that really worries me is a giant tree that it is in my front yard. But that tree has stood many storms so hopefully this one will be no different.
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    5.9 Earthquake on East Coast of America

    I felt it rather strongly. At first I thought my dad had fell or something, but then the rumbling went on for several seconds and the chair I was in was shaking funny. First earthquake I ever felt, quite interesting for Virginia. The curio in our living room also moved a few inches, but other...
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    Angry Birds Thread

    I downloaded it on my phone about a month or so ago to see what the hype was all about and immediately thought "This is just like 'Crush the Castle'". Its entertaining enough if you're just sitting around somewhere with absolutely nothing else to do, but there are other games like it...
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    If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you want to be in?

    I'd say I'd wind up in Hufflepuff, which I wouldn't mind. I'm very loyal to people whom I respect and I can be determined to succeed if my mind is set. A lot of quizzes have put me in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, so that's something to go on. I think being in Slytherin would be cool, but I'd...
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    Happy Birthday Serebii Joe!!!

    Happy (somewhat belated now) birthday Serebii Joe! Best wishes to you!
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    #636 Larvesta / #637 Volcarona

    Looking for a Larvesta with a Modest nature. PM with offers, please.