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Last Activity:
Feb 8, 2014
Jan 12, 2009
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Loves Serebii Lag...

shipwrecks was last seen:
Feb 8, 2014
    1. Tyde
      Hello sir.
    2. your_worst_nightmare
      Eh, I haven't really been doing much. Mostly I just sit on my bum drinking tea and kicking but on xbox. But when I want to relax a lil I'll just watch some good o'l tv. Yea.. Pretty much I've done the same thing every day for a year. Lol :P
    3. your_worst_nightmare
      Yay *gets all excited* :3
    4. LilPrinnyDood
      No more auto level, If you want a standard 6v6 you have to level to 100 manually or hack. Id say thats pretty nerfed.
    5. your_worst_nightmare
      More like the sound of an attack hug ^^;
    6. LilPrinnyDood
      LOL Yeah I'm more of an RU fan myself. But I do all tiers including uber and LC. Yeah PO is the medium of choice. The beauty of PO I guess is mostly no EV training so teams are the click of a button. Though honestly I prefer wifi but B/W completely nerfed the wifi portion of the game.

      Yeah same, but you should stop in and say hi to jeyre, hes still around every now and then.
    7. LilPrinnyDood
      Another major change worth noting is Goketsu (Archangel) finally retired and left serebii. Definitally lost one of serebii's best mods that day.
    8. LilPrinnyDood
      More or less the same, its more like they just enforce the rules alot more. A couple minor changes like the OP cant change owners more then 3 times.

      The major notable change to serebii as a whole is the OSL is gone and is now the Serebii Battle Frontier. That and wifi battles are more less nonexistant.
    9. your_worst_nightmare
    10. LilPrinnyDood
      Ive been decent, just running my new clan the eevee elite. Yeah this place is hard to just to just shut out of your mind lol
    11. old man
      old man
      Hey man looks like I just missed you. I'm kewl!!! Settling in here down on Dallas now. Enjoying some dt. How's school for you??
    12. old man
      old man
    13. LilPrinnyDood
      Hey shipwreck, god damn its been along time since Ive seen you. I think the last time we spoke I was an overeccentric highstrung monstrosity. How are you?
    14. your_worst_nightmare
      i havent been up to much, just playing my xbox :P
      nothing else to do since i moved 8 months ago from texas to south carolina >.>
    15. your_worst_nightmare
      awe but pokeman is deh bomb lol. eh its ok, we all end up growing out of things. :P
      but its nice to know your doing good :)
    16. your_worst_nightmare
      omfg ofcourse i remember you lol. ive been wondering when you would get back on. man how i miss the old days with the clan. an to reply to your question ive been doing good. how about yourself? :D :D
    17. Gorgonopsid Master
      Gorgonopsid Master
      Honestly I don't know, it says he is on but he never posts in the thread. You up for xat?
    18. Gorgonopsid Master
      Gorgonopsid Master
      What did you say I should change again? The weekly review, and chqange the third post to? I'm sure there was something else was their not? Sorry lol, I have a terrible memory.
    19. Sweet Dreams
      Sweet Dreams
      omg Ships <333

      How'd you know it was me? Hm, well considering it kinda says I was the co-leader of RD somewhere, yeah okay it is kinda obv :V
    20. Gorgonopsid Master
      Gorgonopsid Master
      Let's go to the xat!
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