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Oct 17, 2012
Aug 18, 2011
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Oct 26, 1995 (Age: 23)

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Member, 23, from Here

Shirenui was last seen:
Oct 17, 2012
    1. Takeo
      Sword Art Online is the best novel/anime I have ever gotten into, it blows everything I recommended to you out of the water.
    2. Takeo
      I sometimes wish my dog was house trained so he can be in my room or so he could sleep in my bed.
      I've never heard that about mix breeds before, to bad it's not true for my dog, he eats anything and I mean ANYTHING lol which is why he gets sick a bit to often.

      In other news I went out with my friend 2days ago, we went to my favorite place in the city, and she took me to these places I have never been before which is weird cuz I've been going there for years, we went to the arcade, this cool boba place were they had these interesting variety of choices and I went to this bookstore were I ended up buying the last 2 books of the series 'The tale of the otori' I only got to the third chapter and unfortunately that's probably we're I'll be since I work this whole week. haven't even seen the Dark Knight yet :(
    3. Takeo
      Maybe, maybe you just need to meet someone that will take you on adventures

      lol thats a strange story, so instead of choosing a Dog/a Cat you choose a Bird ?
      But you didnt say what you wanted, what did you want as a pet?
      thankz we love him even though he is a bad dog lol
      Half Labrador retriever half something else
    4. Takeo
      Well its not that I'm not sociable but more that I don't like doing certain things.
      I don't go out to clubs, drink (as much anymore), smoke, get high, what have you. Like some of my friends do.
      I do go to concerts, the movies, the beach, hiking, camping though, just hang out.

      I do have a dog, I met him while waiting at the bus stop. It was a cold day, I got dropped off and I see my friend standing there in his jacket when I noticed that there was a puppy huddled to his feet. No collar and no sign were he came from. The bus came and we didnt want to leave him there, so right before my mom drove off, me and my friends made the saddest faces and pleaded with her to take him. lol lucky for us it worked, when I came home I was so excited (never had a dog before and I always wanted one) and she was happy to have him, my dad named him 'Champion'.
    5. Takeo
      All work and no play makes me a dull boy =\ lol
      I find I talk more to my online friends then my real ones
      But I'll make sure I hang out with them at least a bit
    6. Takeo
      It might be in the beginning. Its by Ira Levin. I hope you do read it, and tell me what you think of it as you go along with it.
      I did, I found it amazing I've been meaning to get my hands on the prologue .
      Hows your summer?
    7. Takeo
      Science fiction novel of a technocratic utopia. Basically there's a super computer that decides everyones living moments. Thats all I can say without giving away to much.
      It's a book I would recommend to everyone.
    8. Takeo
      Yes, yes it is.
      Ah and there's this amazing book I want you to read, its called 'This perfect day' by ira levin
    9. Takeo
      Idk how you could have mystery without murder though...
      I like all types, even romance ^^;

      - The Legend Of Korra (If you haven't seen it yet)
      - Cowboy beboop (its awesome!)
      - One Piece (...no words can describe how much I love this...)
    10. Takeo
      Depends what kind of genre you want.
      I will sure look into what you recommended though ^^
    11. Takeo
      Avatar the last airbender
      The Legend Of Korra
      Death Note
      Code Geass
      Gundam (all)
      Ao no Excorcist
      Elfen Lied
      Shaman King
      Gurren Lagann
      Hetalia (both seasons)
      Pokemon (duh.) (movies and all episodes...)
      Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae O Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai
      Hajme no Ippo
      Cowboy beboop (=/ I never finished but its a good series!!!)
      Hikaru no go.
      Rockman exe. (all) (even the older ones)
      Air Gear
      Eden of the East
      School days
      Jackie chan adventures
      X-Men (all)
      Black Lagoon
      Young Justice

      One Piece
      Kenchi: worlds strongest disicple
      Pokemon Adventures
      Bamboo Blade
      B.T.M ( bliss the metal) i doubt you heard of it, but i love it!
      Fairy Tail
      Psychic Academy
      Psychic Busters
      Tsubasa Chronicle
      Love hina
      Cardcaptor Sakura
      Rave master
      High school of the dead
      Pandora Hearts
      Soul eater
      Vampire Knight
      Alive:The final Evolution
      Monster Haunter

      every movie Hayao_Miyazaki has made
      other movies 'The girl who jumps through time'
      and much much more
      keep in mind thats all anime...some american cartoons too.
      not counting stuff from pixir, Disney, etc.
      TV shows and other movies, including foreign ones....
      probably even missing some stuff but thats all that come to mind
    12. Takeo
      I enjoyed the epilogue, wish they continued the story with that.
    13. Takeo
      Naruto serious? lol wat.
      Never heard anything about the others.
      Death Note on the other hand was a masterpiece, truly Till L died.
    14. Takeo
      Ex Girlfriend (then girlfriend), but she's long gone *jumps for joy* and I'm still here lol

      You should read One Piece, its much better then Naruto
    15. Takeo
      I'm not lol just gives my insomnia something to do. You have yet to see the ugliness of the site though, more like stupidity really haha
      why did you join in the first place?
    16. Takeo
      It could...
      sorry for the rant
      I need to memorize the restaurants menu
      and I got an idea for a drawing
      I wonder if I'll ever leave this site, some can do it on a drop of a hat others are addicted
    17. Takeo
      I like my eyes :(
      Geez feels like you spend most of your time studying =/
      Well I've reached that point of boredom again, time to look at books to read, manga/anime to catch up on or find something new
      Something interesting to Watch, Tv shows or movies.
      songs to listen to, god I'm so sick of hearing 'Somebody I used to know' or 'We are young'
    18. Takeo
      Being an insomniac isnt so bad, gets pretty lonely when most people you know are dead asleep. But the plus side is, you can catch up on movies, tv, books, news, draw, learn a new talent, like I practice the guitar at night, no one has called the cops on me so i assume no one minds, and its quiet so i can hear if im messing up or doing well. A down side is when you finally fall asleep its usually unexpected and get very little of it, also my eyes look evil like this guys. Which makes most people not want to interact with me. As such i should count myself lucky as I have a mountain of paper work due in the morning. I was suppose to take my wisdom teeth out today but last min change of plans, im starting work early
    19. Takeo
      I just checked....
      I PASSED THEM WITH FLYING COLORS *does the happy dance*
      I really should try to sleep earlier for when i start working, though an insomniac has those issues of never being about to
    20. Takeo
      Oh ****, I've clearly have stayed up to long if I got a vm from you at this hour. Ah I think I know the place you are talking about. Good luck with the rest of your exams, would of thought you of finished by now. Thanks!!
      It isn't my type of music either but I'm open to anything. Rock, alternative, punk is genuinely my favorite types.
      blink-182 - The Rock Show Fav. by far
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    Oct 26, 1995 (Age: 23)
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