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  • It is. >:3
    Until you -want- to offend me. Then it might start frustrating you. :eek:
    Don't worry, there's almost a 0% chance that you'll ever upset me. :p
    I love Social Point games, I played Social Empires when it came out and still play it, but they are ruining it a bit, they stopped updating it because of new games they work on, and the things to buy have for example 10000 hp and 7000 hp with huge attacks and the free things have maximum 1500 hp, so it is very unfair, and there are so many hackers. The other one like I already talked about is Dragon City, also made by Social Point, that one is awesome and cute and hackers can't do much. So I suggest Dragon City if you want a new cute cool one.
    You should start playing Dragon City, it is one of the best FB games and you don't need to pay to be good. You can get the best ones without paying, just the exclusive ones are for paying, but these aren't strong. I'm talking about Dragons btw
    yeah, i remember the yellow saga. that's when she and Gary are looking for red, and they have to fight the E4. where are you in it?
    Is it just us two? Or are we getting more people?

    Also, fantasy sounds nice. Either Pokemon, Code Lyoko, Digimon....Actually, how about you choose something from one of my lists on my "About Me" profile. I'm fine with any of those (except School Days).

    And yea, it's getting late on my end too. Hope your stomach gets better. :)
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