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  • So long as you are clear and respectful, they can't say anything against you(If they respond rudely then report them. If they aren't being rude then there shouldn't be an issue). You have every right not to like Charizard, you however can't insult it or cause a situation which would likely turn into something bad. You could have said something more along the lines of "I'm not interested in Charizard, I'll be glad when it's gone", while it may still receive negative responses, it's less likely to cause a problem and they can be punished if they are being rude anyways. Just make sure your posts are respectful and everything should be fine.
    It was problematic. You can voice your opinion on Charizard, but do so in a way that wont result in people responding to you annoyed with how you did it. Saying nobody likes it is obviously not true and will result in people responding negatively and causing more problems, you can probably look at any one page in that thread and you'll see people excited for Charizard. Two people already responded to you and I had to edit them out, I didn't want it to turn out worse which was likely going to happen.
    Are you having a bad day or something? Because I have seen some of your previous posts and you weren't being a troll then. If you want to talk about what's happening in a PM, then you could.
    I love how all the kids are feeding your lust for attention.

    You're gonna get banned whether you get attention or not.
    I don't think I'll have to wait too long.

    Why are you even trolling like this? Do you want to talk about something? Because obviously you seem upset right now.
    "Not sure if Brock will be alright because of all the radiation the japs are suffering from but I guess we'll see"

    10/10 made me laugh
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