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  • "Now don't want trade with you"? You know, in the english language, there are these things called pronouns. You may want to try them out some time. They'll do you some good.
    And as I said in my previous message, if you have no intention of trading with me, then don't contact me about trades in the future. It is a waste of both of our times, but mainly mine.
    What? I don't understand what you mean?
    As far as I can tell, you no longer want to trade with me, which is fine, but you approached me first, so I must ask you not to negotiate with me if you have not intention of trading in the future. It shows an extreme lack of etiquette. And Grammer.
    Good day, sir.
    Ohhhh, I get it, thank you for explaining.
    So you are willing to clone for a dw female?
    if so, how many pokemon, and what assurances do I have that you won't keep a clone for yourself, and thereby come off with large amounts of profit?
    Yes, I know but what does specifically "expert sp atk" mean? Especially if it is "all 31" which I assume to mean it is flawless. Also isn't expert sp atk kind of silly if it is adament?
    Not that I'm rejecting your offer, but I am a little bit confused.
    Thank you for your kind offer, but what exactly does "all 31 expert sp atk adamant blaziken" mean?
    Gallade is my top want, but there are others I will accept. If you want to do some IV breeding for me, we can work out a deal, or you can send me a list of everything you have to offer.
    I don't need that either. If you have other offers, please send me an entire list. My wants are very specific.
    When I say near flawless, I mean like 30 in each stat, IV wise......well thats the case in Dragonite, Espeon and Venomoths case, the other two have some 31's :D
    I have a near flawless Shiny Chandelure, Timid nature, near flawless Shiny Scolipede, Jolly nature, near flawless Shiny Espeon, Timid nature, near flawless Shiny Venomoth, Modest nature :L

    I'm afraid I dont have a Landorous like you want though :/
    you may trade it/clone it but the person you trade it to may not clone/trade it. you must state that it is non-redis when you trade it.
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