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  • Oh, I remember. An elephant Draco never forgets. Technically though, I was first made a mod of the competitive section because with the advent of Gen 6, my activity there spiked, and then later on they added me to the IGRMT sections.

    As for the job, I'm still working there. It's still tiring and stressful, but the pay has gone up, so that's something.
    Yep, I'm still in Child Welfare, and as a result, my stress levels are still just as high. So... naturally that means how I've been is stressed. Although Pokemon X and Bravely Default have helped to alleviate the stress somewhat, if only just a little bit.
    See if you can get on it now. I have send it. It means we're having some problems with that e-mail confirmation stuff. Well, here I go!!!
    Well, I think you'll like? I tend to enjoy small forums rather than big ones.

    There is Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rebuild of Evangelion, the latter being just small modifications of the original TV Episodes; A new character, revamped OST, better animation.

    There is blood on that "Attack on Titan"? Haha!

    They asked me how I felt towards others, including family members and people in general. Well, I do love my family, but not on the same level as others love theirs. I mean, I wouldn't do anything bad, but I willing to let 'em and live my life and that is. Though I love some of them, it's not I'd stop my life for them. Maybe my mom and dad, but my brothers... Nah. And I, sincerely, hate my brother.
    How I feel towards other people is... Nothing. I don't really care with them, never cared. Although I won't do anything bad, I just don't feel that pleasure to see someone getting alive from some crazy accident, a poor girl getting rich in a few days, some women left alone with her 5 children because her husband died. This stuff. Not to mention how I care with the fact someone had died. I really don't care.
    They said I had some traces from NPD, and done a full diagnosis, and here am I.

    I was working on a kitchen, but not more. My job was fairly easy, cleaning the kitchen and helping the master chef with its dishes. I also did some myself. However, I decided to left for the same reasons as I left school. I just need some time.

    Oh lol I will. Just not... Any soon. Besides, it's only one year left, and there are exams we can make to get done on school or some subject.
    Oh no. It's because I am an ADM on another pokémon forum, and I am having some stuff to do there. Besides, Serebii is not that appealing to me anymore. By the way, we are in need of members. Care to join?
    I am Elegy there.

    I should watch this one soon. But, with this Evangelion stuff on my head, I don't think I will do it any soon. See, I still have to watch movies (Rebuild 2.0 and 3.0).

    And... Do you like K-Pop?

    Yes and no. I broke with my GF has some time (Ana, remember her?), so yeah... I am lonely as ****. And, no, I am not done on school. I leaved it, so I can focus and decide what I truly want to do. Besides, I am working since I was 15. I just completed 18. I need to have some time for myself and my stuff, you understand?

    Eh, it depends. Whenever I lost I get on some serious depression. What you do when you lost to someone, on a pokémon game? Nothing, right? You may try to improve. I don't. I am freaking worried with losing, and if I get too many consecutive losses, I'll begin to think I am worthless. The hardest thing to deal with though, is accepting I have a *disorder (Because I have said disturby...) and all my behavior is because of it. Do you know I feel 0 empathy for humans? I don't really care with love; Never really felt love, even for my ex-gf, and I cheated on her because the lack of sex.
    And well, people hate me because of my big ego.
    Somewhat serious stuff, man.
    But depression is really bad. It's also a illness.
    I don't have interest for pokémon lately, too, haha! I don't know why. I am more onto Animes, spefically talking, Evangelion.

    And ugh! School.

    How am I? Well, I'm doing fine. Lonely as heck and with a lot of new problems to deal with. I have been diagnosed with NPD and... It's ****ing bad to know you have a disturby. I know I had some big ego, but not to such a dangerous point like, crying because I lost a battle on Pokémon. competitively. Okay, there had 2 losses that day, but still.
    I'm on the high to hell! Lalalala! Bah...

    Hey, Mr Connor! How you're doing? Long time no see and long time since the last you've entered here! And, c'mon, we're on october already!!!
    lol, our community is nice (especially in IGRMT back when I was first around). There isn't much excitement around these parts lmao, now that Lapras! is Banned, and most of the raters are gone. I'm not posting like I used to, I rated like every team I saw x)
    Yes me. Exams, school is almost over! This is blasphemy. Well I'm getting tested on multiple things even though there is only one week left of school. Replaying my FireRed too.
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