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Recent content by ShockwindZ

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    Rate the above Video Game/Anime soundtrack

    9/10 A really nostalgic theme to me and makes me want to play the game again. Cannonball - MMZ3
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    Even if Pikachu got a branch evolution, I still think original Pikachu would be more popular.
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    Have You Ever?

    Well, I used to rage quit all the time on competitive games, I stopped not too long ago because I don't really think it accomplishes anything.. Have you ever spent the night at a hotel because your flight got delayed?
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    I think Suicune's Water/Ice typing definitely makes the most sense, but I don't know, I just kinda wanna see something unpredictable in new megas.
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    You're right about Entei not having many Psychic moves, I just didn't know any other types Entei could be (aside from Fire, Normal which is kind of crippling in my opinion), and I think you have some good ideas about Mega Raikou and Mega Suicune. Do you think them all being part Psychic is a...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I had a long session of playing online matches in Ultra Street Fighter IV.
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    I just thought it would be a cool idea since he can learn a lot of Psychic moves from level up.
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    Nice man! Congrats on the progress, at least you won't have to do the contests anymore by the time you're done with them! I hated the contests, however I still think they're kinda worth the prize. It took me like 4 hours to beat all the contests on top of collecting all the berries to make poke...
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    Legendary Pokémon Discussion

    I recommend just buying a bunch of ultra balls, keep a pokemon with thunder wave in the lead, paralyze suicune, then just keep throwing ultra balls. I don't recommend lowering it's health because legends having full health or even 1 health has never really made a noticeable difference for me...
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    Mega Entei Type: Fire/Psychic Ability: Pressure/Flash Fire Stats: HP: 115 Attack: 130 (+15) Defense: 90 (+5) Sp. Attack: 130 (+40) Sp. Defense: 85 (+10) Speed: 130 (+30) Total: 680 New Moves for Mega Entei: Zen Headbutt (Not a new move but new for Entei) Mystic Inferno (Fire/Psychic) 90...
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    Single Rates - READ THE FIRST POST

    Gogoat @ Assault Vest Sap Sipper Careful 252 HP, 130 Sp. Def, 126 Atk. - Leech Seed - Horn Leech - Protect/Substitute - Rock Slide/Earthquake A good strategy with this dude might be to use leech seed first turn, (unless you gotta switch out), then go for a protect which gives time for the leech...
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    I'd say they're useful here an ther whenever you pick them up.. I'm just saying when I used them with AR and trained my pokemon to Lv. 100 with them, Ur right about the Evs, but back then I didn't even know about ev training.
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Anyone else think that most of the trios are kinda becoming less and less popular? Sure, there might be megas of them in the future, but I rarely hear anyone talking about them except for the legendary dogs and Terrakion.
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    I remember when I used to think rare candies were useful.. I was such an idiot back then
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    Things that grind your gears!

    The fact that I foolishly reset my game by accident after 6383 SRs at a shiny Raikou in OR....