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  • Hi man, of course I remember you. How I could forget our talks.xd
    Im doing ok, life brought to me lot of hurdles in last few months to get around but im managing. If anything i got new job recently ago as school assistant for kid with development difficulties so you could say things started to pick up.

    Whats up with you?
    Hi, nice to hear from you again! Hmm, my feeling would be; its About Time! No seriously Ash should have won league at least 2 sagas ago with writing staff developing new, more profound ways in what to make out of his journey and character development preparing him for deeper, more groundbreaking changes(like whats there after becoming winner in order to become master since even defeating E4 and champion is while big just step forward in coming close to ultimate trial, how he would cope with burden of fame and sudden recognition after such feat, discovering more complex ways of utilizing strength of your pokemon thanks to emotional bonds like he dud with Greninja etc). But I suppose since anime is there primarily to advertise games they wanted to wait until Ninendo and Gamefreak decide to change core of what journey was always about in pokemon games(pokemon gyms). Introducing from looks of it in Sun and Moon completely different mechanic and ways to build your prowess as trainer.

    All of this indicates how Ash might indeed win league for first time. One thing is for sure, he was never closer to this than now.

    p.s. Thank you for your Birthday wishes. Yesterday went well in calming and relaxing atmosphere.:)
    Hi, im doing good, good. Thanks for asking. Oh that guy from reddit was you? I kinda suspected judging by post style and thoughts but wasn't sure. We had nice little debate there, didn't we? haha. Speaking of soccer most people are hyped and interested in it. I guess im one of those rare males who isn't much interested in this sport.
    im alright, you?
    sort of, i have my link to my ff.net account as my home page link on my profile on here.
    i think he'll lose in the finals or it'll be interrupted by Team Flare
    That's great. I'm starting to like it more too; the first year of XY was horrendous for me since Serena hardly did anything and Ash did like almost everything with Team Rocket getting unneeded screentime as well
    Hey there, good to see you around here again.:)

    Ah that's fine, its not like there was much more to be discussed about in that talk on google we had anyway in essence agreeing with each other over most points.XD
    As for XY, its promising and has several right now fairly interesting subplots making me engaged in discovering how will this play out. Especially whole Greninja connection with Ash, Team Flare and Alain. But in terms of creativity, emotion and originality for now original series still take 1st place for me with Hoenn following it behind. For now that is.
    Hehe your right i liked DBZ a lot. It was one of my favorite anime of all time. Thanks for link, i think ill definitely check out your vids.

    p.s. I agree 100% about what you said in pm. Because current dragged out and predictable formula definitely isn't most optimal way to maintain loyalty and interest among viewers long term. Declining ratings only confirmed this.
    Oh hi, it has passed indeed lot of time. Almost a whole year last time i heard from you. Frankly i already started to think that you wont be coming here anymore, and this was pleasant surprise. Glad to see you again. Im doing fine, still under recovery from flu. But im much better compared to before.

    Hope things are going well for you, and that things changed for better in your life. Assuming there were some changes.

    Ejh about anime, i guess you could say im still watching it. But my interest dwindled quit alot over time. BW series are such a huge step down from previous generations with writing quality sinking to unimaginable degree. From Ash being degraded doing worse progress compared to past. He sink from top 4 in DP to top 8 in Unova league. His poke team received pretty bad treatment with development of Iris and Cilan being rather rushed and subpar. There is almost no continuity and strong sense of following present anymore and previous characters from past are basically forgotten and abandoned being left unfinished.

    I still have some hope how N arc might change things for better and with news of Charizard coming back filled me with certain optimism how they might pick themselves up ad start to handle story and characters in better, more believable way. But that remains to be seen for now.
    Hi mate, your right its literally been ages since last time i heard from you. Glad that your net connection has finally been established, i missed chatting with you. Life has been good, thanks for asking,. Found a new job being hired for longer period of time, but aside from that nothing much changed. Im currently excited about Donamite tournament, although its quite likely that Stephan will win there.

    BW as series are pretty good, though older character absence and continuity and past being treated as garbage are big minus in my book.

    Unfortunately i dont have facebook account, due to being very busy lately. I barely have time to come on serebii or bulbagarden lol.
    Just so you guys know... I've got a better modem n from now n onwards I'd be more regular here.
    In other words... I'm back.
    Hey! So sorry about the lateness of my reply. My summer vacation was good but I'm back in school now :/
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