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  • Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for reading Mysterious Stranger. I feel more motivated when people tell me they read my stories and tell me how much they like it.

    AS story, request fic? Depends on the plot. Tell me your plot and i will see if i can do it for you.
    YES!!!!! OF COURSE I DO!!!!!
    my major shipping is ContestShipping, and the two lesser ones I support are PenguinShipping and FireredShipping
    Hi,good to hear that in couple of month your net connection might finally work properly.
    About your question i must say i definitely liked battle between this two being pretty intense and im actually glad that Iris in end won.After all Pikachu was at big disadvantage and Excadrill was very experienced so i have to say she won fair and square.
    Hello, I just saw your posts with pokemonfan132, and I thought you're a pretty cool person to talk to.
    Im afraid so. Its only a matter of time. India didnt care about this series. They care about the IPL more unfortunately.
    I have a fanfic on serebii I haven't updated for eight days, so I'm writing a chapter right now xD
    and Pokeshock's a brand new forum, so there's not much members.
    school for me lasts eight hours, like the usual. I get a ton of homework, although I finish most of it during school xD.
    and I have, like, five hours left to write a fanfic, work in two art shops, and check a ton of different forums >.<
    Ok, well you make brackets on the end of what you want to say and everything in between is crossed . make sure to put a / in the second bracket before the S or it won't cross. See if that helps and if not ask me again, I'm not sure I'm explaining it clearly ^^;
    She's definitely my favorite aswell, and her return during the Wallace Cup was a highlight of the DP saga for me. Iris is catching up in terms of sheer awesomeness, but she'll never beat Haruka.
    hmmmmmm . . . let's see . . . . when have I visited your profile . . . ?
    well, anyway, what's up with you?
    sorry I couldn't reply earlier; I have to manage a thread on pokebolt, be a mod on pokeshock, go on this forum lol, and do schoolwork :( I started school a few days ago
    Definitely, to the point where I wonder why they called her May when another 4Kids dubbed anime (F-Zero) kept the protagonist's girlfriend's name as Haruka. Maybe it was to keep a sense of rhyming with Max or how it's the default female name in RSE, but eh.
    Well I write Fan Fics here on serebii. But I haven't written chapters lately, I'm just not in that writing mood. Have you seen my DeviantART gallery yet?
    Wow you surprised me by posting on my wall Shooti. I'm talking to like 3 girls at once and it kinda confused me XDD Yep, I'm a huge fan of DBZ and Gohan's my favorite character XD Now when you say cut do you mean like quote something someone has said in a post?
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