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  • That's great ^^ Princess is a super-cool person. Don't be worried - we all have to start somewhere. But the more you write, the better you get! Just keep trying and you'll be an expert in no time ^^ Good luck with it!
    Pokeshippers and Contestshippers are so rude...... I LOVE pearl to death, but its the contestshipping fantards that make me dislike the coupling a tad even though its really good.
    btw i have tons of other shipping in other animes. Just 1 MAIN one in Pokemon.

    P.S., ban that Contestshipper guy bashing Advance in the Advance thread.

    I do write AS - there's a few on here if you search for threads started by my username. I'm on Fanfiction.net but I don't have any Advanceshipping stuff on there. My username is the same there. Good Love Charm is my ongoing multi-chapter fic.

    I don't read much since I have so little time, so I can't recommend anything in particular.

    He still has a LOT of lovers around internet with many people i met hating that he got replaced.
    Forums never give accurate picture of what is general consensus among fans.Many of them never post or come to forums hanging around my space,youtube or facebook being occupied with other things.While love for Brock decreased on this site due to hype which was lifted around Cilan,people you find in here are in reality minority out of whole fandom.
    Brock is quite popular even in these days.
    I've been doing good. I gotta run now, and I'll be back on later today. My bird has a broken foot, so I gotta tend to him.

    And congratulations, Shooti! ^^ My sister wants to go into computer science to! xD
    What's the college called? :)
    xDD That's cool too! At first I thought about being a Negaishipper, but somehow I figure it would just turn out to be another one-sided relationship. Then when Dento should up and joined the series, it just went all out from there :p
    Yeah I honestly think there should. I mean all the evidence is there, so it would be nice to place all of our thoughts a opinions in a Thread.
    Thats so nice from you to hear,thanks.Im pretty good lately enjoying in you could say charms of summer spending most of free time on beach and hanging out with friends.Though lately weather messed up my plans a bit becoming quite rainy.

    I heard you like tennis,so who is your favorite player?
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