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  • Haha, I like to make people laugh. ;) And yeah, I actually enjoy math, to an extent. :p I'm doing corrections, so...they are painful. DX
    btw, you might want to stick your signature in a spoiler tag. I think it's exceeding the limit and you might get an infraction. ;) So you might want to do that...
    *looks up* Um...the sun, some clouds, and few dragonflys. Why? xD
    In all seriousness, Math, that's what's up. -.- Math, math, math, a little Piano, ugh...you think I'd be allowed to enjoy a little bit of this blistering heat...(Of Georgia) xD
    Along with some biking. But I can only do that in the morning...lol
    hey i see you are not online but here is your banner i added some text let me know if you want anything changed :)

    remove the star and copy past to your signature :)
    well i am not 100% sure on that myself but i believe you can just copy and paste it if you make a spoiler to put them in like this
    to do that follow this exact set-up
    i will try my best with the banner and for adding the links i think that you just copy paste them as far as i know. i can tell you how to make a spoiler to put them in though
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