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  • Shoudy4, miss you from the ol battle days man. Come back! Truly a good battler, I wanna see more like you back.
    As a result of inactivity between May 31, 2012 and the time of this message, your claim on Kingdra on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    I'm sure if you stressed the fact that yyou can only battle on PS, then people wouldn't mind using it to battle you. You can import teams from PO, so it requires little effort on their part.
    I don't I'm afraid. There's been the odd complication here and there, which has slowed it a bit. Rest assured, it'll be out eventually!!
    Then stop acting like an immature child and attack someone's "grammar" and "math" to give yourself a false sense of superiority. Nobody enjoys you as a person and your attitude is showing why. Goodbye, stop contacting me.
    Ive battled you before back in BA. Its sad how you have to attack my character because youre feeling hurt. Really childish and immature of you, just accept that we dont want you back and please stop contacting us.
    Spam is any post not related to the topic at hand. Do not post in PR. Do not harrass PR members. You're an awful battler that couldve became better through the kinship of a clan. We dont want you back. Period.
    You missed the entire point of what a clan was, getting better has to do with accepting help from fellow clan mates and learning from them. But you were overly cocky and thought you were a good battler when you arent even close to good. You couldve became better, but leaving to become better doenst make sense. Please dont come back.
    Surcharged is the worst house. The match ups would never be fair. But, I made it that way because you have a better chance than against me, and if someone else wins; then you may move onto round two.
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