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    I can has PM when new chapter of TFC comes out? I finished reading the new version, and so I want to know when you post the next chapter so I can actually review. Maybe.
    Ah, that's right. My bad. Good luck with that, and I guess I'll see you around when you're available again!
    Just thought I'd wish you a happy birthday. Even though it's only your birthday based on a technicality--thought I'd get it out of the way now so's I don't forget later. :d

    Now you'll (hopefully) feel obligated to say the same thing on my page in thirteen days!

    Seriously, though. Hope it goes well for you!
    You did so know our birthdays were close together. Several years ago me an' Renn an' you made a semi-big deal about it, since her's was on the third. =P
    On the other hand, I remember random bits of information while managing to forget anything with relevence! So ignore me.

    Oh, you and your killing-of-cute-things. <3
    I will be back soon! Do not harm cute fluffy things on my account! ;;
    I could not live with that mark on my soooooul. >=
    *feels loved 'cause she's missed* <3
    Please, dear Shrike, do not tell me what to do. Stop over reacting and talking to me condescendingly.

    You obviously have a past grudge/vendetta because of the way you are acting towards me, now I don't care, I was just curious as to why you were continuously viewing my profile. Its no big deal, but I'd appreciate you not visiting any more.
    I'm not faulting you or calling you out. It's just weird to have someone like you looking at my profile. Other people have followed my fight with Yami and their names have disappeared because, well, they stopped looking. Yours has lingered for days.

    And remember, I still have nothing against you, when it is clear you have a vendetta against me.
    well ty :p

    The confusing thing is only a little while ago Manaphyman was supposedly supportive of me- or atleast was at Harryheart or whomever to listen to me too. So you know confusion, annoyance and just wtf. Sadly this is not the first time someone's jumped the shark to use me to get famous. He's just the one with less tact.

    And mostly ignored him as he's not going to change his opinion- atleast not from anything I say, and if I did continue to respond it'd only have been like with Blackjack and trying to explain to her I'm not a troll. The mods got annoyed and you know told us to shut up.

    Twice 8D

    And Sandra agreed he was trying to bait me and a VM fight isn't really worth a possible infraction.
    llooooking for battlle
    name is jay and friend code is3008 0452 5850
    message me on my page and let me know plz wit ur info
    prefer singles 100 but will do doubles if ur heart desires
    Your fan fic "The Flamestar Chronicles" is incredible :) I just read the first part for now. You're very good *nodding*
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