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  • omg!! SHUAM <3
    sorry for the late response, but thanks so much! I am like ancient now. lol. I hope you're doing well! :D
    it'll work out! you have time to bring up your grades! and ugh, I know what you mean. I'm so not looking forward to the tens of thousands of dollars in debt I'm about to be in.
    that's good weather though, unless you like the hot stuff.. which i'm sure you're used to.
    and yeah, totally. are you delving into scholarships and whatnot?
    look at us. we're such adults, lol.
    that's totally okay! you take things at your own pace, and sure, we all have setbacks sometimes.. i feel like there's a reason why they happen, though, and they put us in the direction of where we're supposed to go. or maybe i'm dumb, lol.
    that's awesome, though! colorado is beautiful!!
    it's crazy omg i can't believe it's been that long either
    and i'm going to sacramento!!! it has taken me forever but i'm doing it!! i know for sure what i want to do now!
    how are you, love? i miss you!!!
    truee man, i mean im done with that school **** now so yeah but i mean just do good now in school and the rest of ur life you know u gonna have the money to have fun and not be like a ****ing hobo on the road you know? maaaaan im just living life like a *****, enjoying it and its real good to talk to you again cheers bro live it up
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