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  • [Had to use second post cause exceeded 2000 word limit lol]

    Some of those do seem interesting, although I guess you've probably done your own research on these anyway. lol
    It probably would be best to major in something you're good at, but more importantly what actually interests you. :3
    I wish I could throw some suggestions out there but I honestly know nothing about History and Political Science. Though as you mentioned, teaching could always be a possibilty. That is if it even interests you.
    I was able to check online and they gave me a few examples, if any of these interest you:

    Hmm. It probably was the best choice. After all with the expenses being so high now, it would be a shame to pay for it all and then be in a position where you still don't know what to do.
    I guess you need to find what you're best at and start working on it. :D lol
    holy jesus in your grocery stores too????

    that's high-larious this is something i want to see next time i go to america
    lmao here it's tim hortons on every corner so i don't mind starbucks

    i literally have like 5 tim hortons around my house
    yeah idk either but pumpkin=gingerbread for me lol

    starbucks is delicious, but the only think i ever buy from there are frappucinos, i'm not a big fan of coffee either
    pumpkin reminds me of gingerbread for some reason, flavourwise

    i actually enjoy potatoes, actually i can eat almost anything except seafood


    beeteedubs irish people are kewl (y)
    mother**** that's a lotta chocolate but that sounds pre' proper
    i like boston cream donuts too

    ooh and pumpkin pie is really good toooo
    oh well she had like 5 in that box so whatever
    yeah we have nothing special except timmies, and like one papa johns downtown

    last time i ate at a dennys was when i was like 5 but i will never forget how good that grilled cheese was like daaaaaaamn

    yeah ikr i just kinda took it and she gave me that look and she was to baked to do anything else except watch me eat it
    canada :( but when we're high we tend to buy pizza and i eat so much of it too, i remember i stole one of my friend's garlic sticks and she gave me a ***** please look but i was too out of it to care

    omg denny's i havent had that in years
    ah yes interventions, those are cuhrazy funny. although no one ever intervened(???) me??

    yah you're right, but it depends if i've eaten or how much alc is in my drink you know. may not get me plastered but i'm pretty ****ing tipsy at the least

    and lmao they don't have in-n-outs here :( we have mc dicks/wendys/bk/pizza/etc when we have munchies
    idk, it's so weird but like you just feel so much more closer with everyone and it's all happy and stuff..i find you feel so much more better when you let all your feelings out and people are like there to comfort you. although no one remembers what you were crying about the next morning derp

    i'd probably get **** faced in like one shot or whatever, lightweight (y)
    LMAO SEE I NEVER PLAYED BEER PONG/DRINKING GAMES :(:( we just drink and have heart to heart talks and play video games :redface: i feel like such a tool lmao

    drunk driver sounds fun, next time i go to a party i'm definitely trying that
    lol, did you mean pong as in ping pong or pong the video game

    space invaders is an arcade game where you kill aliens and it's all ghetto and 8bit and trippy

    what is drunk driver i am intrigued
    haha, that's cool, considering i almost got beat up because my friend wrote 'i <3 you mah niggah' on my backpack like how can you get away with it so easily lol

    pong is cool tingz, i prefer space invaders aaaaaa
    i tripped out while playing space invaders once cause i got so into the game
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