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Last Activity:
Jan 3, 2014
Jul 8, 2011
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Fav.Poke EP #172, from United States, California

(Shuckle) was last seen:
Jan 3, 2014
    1. Machomacho
      Ok I will let you know when I can
    2. Machomacho
      Sure what is your name on the 3ds
    3. Machomacho
      I added you! my FC: 1435 4420 0503
    4. Mudkipzroks
      Nice profile pic and i thought i was the only one who liked Shuckle now i see another person who likes Shuckle
    5. Ayvarn
      Since we are never on at the same time do you want to drop all of our currently pending trades?
    6. WeatherEffectRain
      Oh, alright. Wasn't active wen I posted though :P
    7. WeatherEffectRain
    8. SaltySoul
      I can give you a Shuckle in a trade.
    9. Ayvarn
      I'm available today to do our trade if you want.
    10. Ayvarn
      Ok, it will take me 5 min to clone it. My FC is 0089 3933 2667 if you want to trade now.
    11. Ayvarn
      If you want I could trade you skarmory for absol and clone your gligar and give you back 2,3,4 or 5 copies of your gligar. I really just want the gligar.

      I'd even give you the skarmory for the gligar and give you back 2 copies of the gligar.
    12. Ayvarn
      I can clone for you if you want (it will take me 5 minutes)

      If I clone for you I'll give you 2 of each of your guys as well as 2 of my shiny flawless provided I can keep 1 copy of each of your guys I clone. Does this sound fair?
    13. Ayvarn
      Are you interested in any of the other guys? And is there any particular reason you don't want the others anymore?
    14. Ayvarn
      How about we trade your gligar for my skarmory?
    15. Ayvarn
      I am available this weekend to finish our trade.
      Your gligar, cyndaquil and misdreavus for my alamos darkrai, near flawless shiny feebas and bold wish flawless shiny eevee.

      I now also have more flawless shinies:
      timid kyogre
      adamant gligar
      adamant cross chop elekid
      adamant cranidos
      ev'd level 100 magnezone

      near flawless HP electric 70 naive heatran

      not shiny flawless adamant scyther
      3 31 IVs shiny darkrai

      And on 5th gen if you are interested in cross gen trade I have
      shiny near flawless hp fighting 70 drifloon
      flawless timid litwick

      Are you interested in any of my new ones? I'm interested in your tyrogue, smeargle, trapinch, chikorita, absol
    16. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Okay I am sent you a VM about the Cyndaquil.

      I would like the following Pokemon:
      1) ☆ Torchic ☆ ♂
      Lv 1, Untouched
      OT: Mat - ID: 48509
      Nature: Jolly
      Ability: Blaze
      IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
      2) ☆ Smeargle ☆ ♀
      Lv. 1, Untouched
      OT: Brad - ID: 48509
      Nature: Jolly
      IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
      3) ☆ Gligar ☆ ♂
      Lv. 1, Untouched
      OT: Mat - ID: 48509
      Nature: Jolly
      Ability: Sand Veil
      IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    17. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Thanks for the information about the placing of it, since I sort of know where they would go based on IV alone after that I am not sure.

      I also sent you a VM for the 3 Pokemon I would like for that Cyndaquil over on Bulbagarden.
    18. RedJemFlash90
      well i kinda changed my mind, I like the UT zangoose and aerodactyl

      metagorss is 252attk/252def/4hp if i recall correctly

      and mega awesome scrafty is 252 attk/ 126 def/ 126 spec D
    19. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Since you probably would know more about what is classified as flawless or semi-flawless and anything else in that area.

      I was just randomly checking some of my shiny Pokemon IVs when I found my shiny egg move Machop I got from H2K has two 31 IV and one 30 IV.

      This is its information:
      ☆Machop ♂ (English)☆
      Docile Alert to sounds 8-13-2011 HP 12
      26761 Level 1 No Guard MATTHEW
      Egg Move: Ice Punch
      IV Spread: 20|18|30|9|31|31
      Note: H2K obtained this Machop.

      What would that be classified as? Is that semi-flawless?
    20. loaper123
      hey, dude remember the trade with my heatran and your shaymin??? we nevewr did that yet lol
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    United States, California
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Shuckle's Cross-Generation Mini-Mall

    [​IMG] Pearl: 2107 6514 2728
    [​IMG] Black: 0218 1964 0547

    Do you want to know if your event Pokemon are hacked? If so, click this link: http://www.pokemonsecure.com/misc/pkmdbhostedfiles.php and find your event Pokemon to see if it matches. If it does, then its hacked.