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  • Since we are never on at the same time do you want to drop all of our currently pending trades?
    If you want I could trade you skarmory for absol and clone your gligar and give you back 2,3,4 or 5 copies of your gligar. I really just want the gligar.

    I'd even give you the skarmory for the gligar and give you back 2 copies of the gligar.
    I can clone for you if you want (it will take me 5 minutes)

    If I clone for you I'll give you 2 of each of your guys as well as 2 of my shiny flawless provided I can keep 1 copy of each of your guys I clone. Does this sound fair?
    Are you interested in any of the other guys? And is there any particular reason you don't want the others anymore?
    I am available this weekend to finish our trade.
    Your gligar, cyndaquil and misdreavus for my alamos darkrai, near flawless shiny feebas and bold wish flawless shiny eevee.

    I now also have more flawless shinies:
    timid kyogre
    adamant gligar
    adamant cross chop elekid
    adamant cranidos
    ev'd level 100 magnezone

    near flawless HP electric 70 naive heatran

    not shiny flawless adamant scyther
    3 31 IVs shiny darkrai

    And on 5th gen if you are interested in cross gen trade I have
    shiny near flawless hp fighting 70 drifloon
    flawless timid litwick

    Are you interested in any of my new ones? I'm interested in your tyrogue, smeargle, trapinch, chikorita, absol
    Okay I am sent you a VM about the Cyndaquil.

    I would like the following Pokemon:
    1) ☆ Torchic ☆ ♂
    Lv 1, Untouched
    OT: Mat - ID: 48509
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Blaze
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    2) ☆ Smeargle ☆ ♀
    Lv. 1, Untouched
    OT: Brad - ID: 48509
    Nature: Jolly
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    3) ☆ Gligar ☆ ♂
    Lv. 1, Untouched
    OT: Mat - ID: 48509
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Sand Veil
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Thanks for the information about the placing of it, since I sort of know where they would go based on IV alone after that I am not sure.

    I also sent you a VM for the 3 Pokemon I would like for that Cyndaquil over on Bulbagarden.
    well i kinda changed my mind, I like the UT zangoose and aerodactyl

    metagorss is 252attk/252def/4hp if i recall correctly

    and mega awesome scrafty is 252 attk/ 126 def/ 126 spec D
    Since you probably would know more about what is classified as flawless or semi-flawless and anything else in that area.

    I was just randomly checking some of my shiny Pokemon IVs when I found my shiny egg move Machop I got from H2K has two 31 IV and one 30 IV.

    This is its information:
    ☆Machop ♂ (English)☆
    Docile Alert to sounds 8-13-2011 HP 12
    26761 Level 1 No Guard MATTHEW
    Egg Move: Ice Punch
    IV Spread: 20|18|30|9|31|31
    Note: H2K obtained this Machop.

    What would that be classified as? Is that semi-flawless?
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