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Last Activity:
Jan 3, 2014
Jul 8, 2011
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Fav.Poke EP #172, from United States, California

(Shuckle) was last seen:
Jan 3, 2014
    1. Ex_Hollowman
      Well no sorry but I would like to ask when the Pokemon will be finished.
      I doubt you saw my message...
    2. Gad
      There are now a lot of OTs available :P You want the one that I originally offered you, right?
    3. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Okay sounds good then. I will send her a friend request.

      I also sent you a visitor message over on BMGf about that Cyndaquil.
    4. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Yes which all of the people over also have accounts on this forum to.

      Example: Lady SnowBlood (neoseeker and PokeCommunity username).
      Lady SnowBlood goes by Lady Snow over here.

      Not only that but they all have links to my trade shop over there so if anything interests them they can let me know and we take it from there.

      That is also were I get most of my PCNY Pokemon too.
    5. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Well actually it was requested on Neoseeker forums, which is were I get most of my GCEA.

      I would have no problem discussing this on BMGf if you would like. Send me a VM over there and I see what I can do.
    6. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Well I have them listed on the shop, including Nagoya Cyndaquil. However unless you have some other GCEA I can't trade you the Cyndaquil, since I was asked to have it listed as NFT (trade for only the same).
    7. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Yes that what I figured you would say. Well anyway I have a few other GCEA Pokemon, but I won't list those on the shop until tomorrow.
    8. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Well how about I just send you the links instead, since there are a lot out there. Since there was 6 sets distributed in about 5 or 6 different cities, which would make the GCEA Pokemon have a different OT depending on the city it was obtained in.

      Here is the link to set #1 of the GCEA Pokemon (note all the different OTs):

      Here is the link to set #2 of the GCEA Pokemon (note all the different OTs):

      Here is the link to set #3 of the GCEA Pokemon (note all the different OTs):

      Here is the link to set #4 of the GCEA Pokemon (note all the different OTs):

      Here is the link to set #5 of the GCEA Pokemon (note all the different OTs):

      Here is the link to set #6 of the GCEA Pokemon (note all the different OTs):

      Okay does that answer your question to how many GCEA Pokemon there are? Since you would have to count how many Pokemon alone there are, then you have to multiply it by the number of different OTs (not counting OT gender).
    9. Ayvarn
      Are you available to do our trade now?
    10. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Okay sounds good then about the Pikachu, but it will probably be a few days before I trade for the Pikachu.

      On the other hand no I don't have all of the GCEA Pokemon, but I have a good majority of them. I have about another 5 to 7 GCEA Pokemon coming this weekend hopefully. I also now where to find the rest of the GCEA Pokemon, but that is very hard task to complete since those people have just about every event out there.
    11. Ayvarn
      Do you want to do our trade now
    12. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Well first of all it is against the rules to trade for Korean Pokemon on 4th generation. Since they aren't compatible with other 4th generation games, just other Korean 4th generation games. Also most of the Korean ones on 4th generation are hacked or put on 4th generation though some other hacking way. Well I do know though that there is plenty of other Spain events out there, but most are from 4th generation events. Which would make them less valuable then generation 3 events. However there is 10th Anniversary Pokemon which were distributed in Spain, but I don't now of any other GBA event in Spain. If you try and get all of the events out there, I would recommend getting a few more games (like me with 3 games). My HeartGold is filled almost to the max and the same applies for my Diamond. My Pearl is not there yet, but I would say it is about 1/4 to that point though.

      Also could you do me a favor. Could you check out my shop and let me now what you think of the events section? Since I am trying to add more information about the Pokemon on my shop, that way I will have less questions asked.

      I also have a different 10th Anniversary Umbreon instead of the one from Lavi. I have found someone on a different forum with a legit male Pikachu, but I will have to trade for one of your 10th Anniversary Pokemon though since it will be qualified as NFT (only trade for same Pokemon).

      EDIT: I also forgot to mention I have about 7 or 8 new GCEA Pokemon. All of their information is listed on my shop. Also if you think I should change anything or add anything else (effects or information) let me now. Since I am trying to figure what people like better than others. I am only asking people I trade with the most, since I fell they would be more honest than people I don't trade with often.
    13. loaper123
      whenever u get on, vm me so we can trade :D
    14. Ayvarn
      That's ok. Im trading a shiny near flawless feebas a shiny flawless eevee with wish and a ranger darkrai for your shiny cyndaquil misdreavus and gligar
    15. Ayvarn
      Hey, can you please send me a quick PM or Vm if you are still interested in doing our trade on 4th gen? I would appreciate it.. Thanks
    16. Ex_Hollowman
      Well no sorry but I would like to ask when the Pokemon will be finished.
    17. Darato
      Well if you want, you can always make a new account on here with that name.

      You haven't been here nearly enough for people to know you did it.

    18. Darato
      That's good, and I'm alright thanks.

      What do you want it to be changed to?

    19. loaper123
      ohh ok :D, how long will that take?
    20. loaper123
      hey im on :D whats your fc?
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    United States, California
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Shuckle's Cross-Generation Mini-Mall

    [​IMG] Pearl: 2107 6514 2728
    [​IMG] Black: 0218 1964 0547

    Do you want to know if your event Pokemon are hacked? If so, click this link: http://www.pokemonsecure.com/misc/pkmdbhostedfiles.php and find your event Pokemon to see if it matches. If it does, then its hacked.