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    I see, but once you have 6 Pokemon, you will notice that you will be taking time to find all the tiniest things wrong with your team, and improving on that as well... Enjoy.
    .:pokemon Obsidian:.

    most of the stuff should be on the front page, but check the last few pages encase i forgot to update the first post
    Oh, oh, that's right. Now I remember... But just so you know, I have no idea what the heck "bleach" is. XD (though I have heard people talking about it before)

    Thanks! And of course he is, now that Mario's realized his inner rockstar. I think I'm gonna make a few more "rocker" banners for mario in the future. =P
    A manga? Sorry if I sound like a n00b when it comes to that sort of thing, but what's a manga? XD

    Oh, and here's mario:
    His hands were a bit incooporative with the guitar, but I think I showed him what for. =P But anyways, now that he's got his guitar hooked up and all, he's gonna win a contest for me lol.
    Why certainly not! It's just that, well, I'm not the best with conversing online and I'm a little busy with a banner/avatar set for an art contest at the moment. Plus, it's a little hard to maintain my laptop's power in this RV we're in lol. I was gonna reply this morning and that's when I got your VM. And don't worry, I quite enjoy getting VM's, but I just don't usually get around to replying to them until a day or so. =P But when I do reply, I like to type big, as you can see.

    lol Have you ever tried to get Mario to hold a guitar? [/random] (check on Deviantart in a few days and you'll see what I mean)
    accepted and added to Milotic group =)

    thank you for joining .. you may notice that we have some problems at the mean time .. but soon we will be a lot better .. and every member staying with us will be stronger by the help of his tutor (team leader)
    I think youve misread, I dont run the Spectrum League.
    I run the OSL, and the applications for that closed weeks ago o:
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