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  • Scraggy, level 1, Careful, female, 31/31/31/x/31/31, Shed Skin, Low Kick, Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Ice Punch
    Want a name for her?

    I'll get the Gligar as soon as I can. I think I released my females...
    It seems I have nothing more to do today. I will begin working on your Gligar soon. Maybe one of my females has decent IVs...I don't have a female DW Gligar.
    When breeding, three stats are selected from the parents. RNGing does not change this rule.
    I'll be done whenever I have enough time to work on it. I might have the time tomorrow and I might have the time next month; I don't know.
    Aside from my male Gliscor, I don't have any Bug egg group Pokémon. My female Gligar, which I used to get the one I use, has terrible IVs. I'll need to RNG a male then RNG another with its DW ability. That could take some time.
    I don't have anything to breed Gligar with. :(
    I can still get one for you, but it'll take a bit more time.
    I give up! For now, anyway. I keep getting one off, but when I adjust what I'm doing to get it, I'm way off. I'll work on it again later.
    Since I no longer know what the seed is, it isn't easier to get (in fact the difficulty is the same as a normal one). I'll get it fairly soon.
    I'm sorry it's taking so long to get your Scraggy, especially since it's the easiest thing for me to get. The seed I just found should be fairly easy to hit, and it also has a shiny with exactly what you want.
    I don't have work until Thursday, and my brother is working tomorrow. I should be able to at least work on RNGing. I can't promise I'll have it though.
    I need to use my brother's computer to RNG now (it's not a hack, it's just a program that calculates when to do things). Because I'm lazy, I haven't put any of my data in yet. It doesn't take long, I just don't want to search for all of the seeds again... It might take a few hours to get all of the data again. If you need the... whatever you requested by a certain date, let me know. Other wise, don't expect it this month. Yeah, I'm that lazy.

    I don't know anyone who can RNG here on Serebii. I do know some people who can, but I'm sure they're far too busy with other things. Even if they were willing to get it for you, they would need to trade it to me (unless they have accounts here that I don't know about), then I could trade it to you. But, without internet at my house, or WiFi at the library, I am unable to trade with anyone in the clan. Efficiently, that is. I'd have to let you know, then you'd have to wait fifteen minutes or so for me to get on WiFi. No one wants to put up with that.
    Far from mastered. But I can RNG DW Pokémon, and I do have a DW Gligar. I would be glad to do it for you (just be sure to request it on the thread on the clan forums), but my roommate's laptop broke last night. It has all of my data for RNGing, so I am currently unable to get anything. :(
    Hm. You play Mario Kart 7, eh? I might just have to add you so I can play it with you.

    Although I am pretty good. ;)
    Do you want me to wipe them entirely, re-EV it, or get them down to the point you can finish?

    If you want me to EV it, it won't be done today.
    That's a Timid DW Nidoran. I don't think its IVs are good, but it should make breeding for one easier. Go ahead and keep it.
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