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  • My name on there is: Ruki the Rainbow Bunny

    I changed it to that after one of my friends suggested I change it to that. Don't know why.
    Well, in my spare time, when I'm not playing Pokemon or other video games like Guitar Hero, I sit around and read or even draw. It depends on my mood really. Oh, and I love listening to music. I'll do it whenever I can.
    I have them saved in my address book in my e-mail and I've tried emailing them but they haven't replied back to me.
    Yeah, and I still think about them too. I gave them my e-mail and my phone number but they didn't call at all. Oh well...
    Yeah, I understand completely. I've had a few friends moves away from me but they never contact me anymore. It's quite upsetting for me.
    Let's see...I think I've only gone as far as Virginia, that I remember. Though, I was originally born in Georgia, but since I don't remember anything from there, I don't count it.
    You're the closest person I've ever spoken to online. Usually I happen to find people in Canada.

    And yes, I am. Looking forward to graduating too.
    Actually, I don't live much farther than you. I'm in New Hampshire, and like Maine, get very cold. But, even though most usually get sick during the winter, it's been insane. Half my class will be missing because they're sick.
    I got one at least once a month. Though, colds have been going around school like nothing, so I would get better than a month later, I'd get sick again. It's horrible. I hope its over soon.
    It seems, at least around here, everyone is catching a cold. I hoped I wouldn't catch another one since I've been sick at least three other times in the past 4 months.
    I'm doing better than I was. Yesterday I felt horrible since I've caught some kind of cold. But now I feel much better than I did.
    Most of the time, I only hear static coming from my microphone. If it happens to be on, others sometimes will hear me, but it's only because I might be talking to a friend or my sister.
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