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  • Hey, just notifying the experienced chainers of a new discovery, in case you dont hang out at the chaining thread much.

    Mega weavile posted a proof showing why 4 zone patches are safer and why patches on the corners of a zone arent as safe as the other patches in the zone. Im pretty certain this is the first time anyone has actually proven these 2 claims.


    +Shuko keeps all her fingers, since she needs them for ... finger... stuff... <-- OMG, YOU'RE MAKING A FINGER PUPPET SHOW? CAN I WATCH?
    But what if someone wants to know you or talked to you a bit then sent a friend request will you accept him?
    Just a fair warning - if I don't know you, I'm not going to accept your friend request. I have to at least have HEARD of you or talked to you to consider calling you a "friend." I don't know about you, but I don't just slap a label on someone and call them my friend.

    Also, it's inevitable that I'm going to forget that I knew you in some cases. I have a bad memory, and I'm liable to make a mistake. So if I do, please PM me and give me a memory-refreshing slap or two. Let me know I screwed up.

    I'm unreliable, people. Deal with it. xD
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