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  • I had completely forgotten about that! Looking over it now, I'm really happy to hear that it was helpful to you! I honestly really loved the concept behind The Broken One (which is part of why I wound up writing such an involved review) and thought a lot of the ideas and themes were fresh and interesting. Thank you for popping by and letting me know my review was helpful, as that means a lot to me, and please do let me know if you ever revise your fic someday!
    Not sure if you've found the answer to this yet, but it's a double thumbs up. The )'') is a face and the sides of a person's head.
    Your post brought back a thought I had in the back of my mind a long time ago. :p That was the bit about interactivity. You went in a direction that I hadn't thought of, though, so props for that!
    Thank you! I'm kinda ... known for lengthy arguments. XD; And for kinda getting heated about my points too. Which might be very soon, depending on how this current discussion goes. (Apologies in advance!)
    Sorry for how long it took me to reply. In any case, we do have a beta request thread here, which is totally bump-able. The downside is that it's not in particularly high demand (like, ever), so it's not that unusual for people to post asking for betas or offering to be a beta and not ... really getting anywhere with that. It tends to be a lot easier to ask around and see if people you spot on the forums would be willing to beta for you/would like to use you as a beta. Slightly less efficient than some other systems out there, but at the very least, you end up networking with active users. b)'')b

    (I mean, idk, we've had a couple questions about a beta thread recently, but it might not be enough to reboot it, unfortunately. @_@ Still, like I said, you can totally post in that thread I just linked, and who knows? Maybe that'll attract new attention to it this time.)
    Y'know, I thought I'd edited them into the general challenge rules, but it turns out that I'd responded to that question (that someone else had brought up) in a separate post and never did. Sorry about that! You can find my response here, but the gist is:

    1. You can totally write fics that tackle multiple genres. Of course, technically, the point of the challenge is to see how many fics you can write within a short time frame (hence why there's a lot of emphasis on how brutal it's supposed to be), but I can't really penalize anyone for being creative.
    2. If you write multiple fics that share a single genre, you will only earn the genre's badge for the first fic you post (just in case you were wondering).

    As for your question about winning the challenge, it's less about competition or reviews and more about, "Did you manage to do these fics and do them in a way that it's absolutely recognizable that they're the genres you say they are?" It's basically like a themed NaNoWriMo, only instead of focusing on word count, you're actually focusing on fic and genre count. Hence the bit about the first point above. The challenge was actually more or less designed to pump a lot of Hoenn fics into the forum and get people excited about the games, particularly because there's not a lot of canon-based fic on Serebii. Buuuuut yeah. Long story short, you're not really competing with anyone, and you don't need to write the best fics to win. All you have to do is write enough fics to hit all of the genres. b)'')b
    It was a pleasure dude. Any comments I made were outweighed by how much I enjoyed reading it, next time you write something else don't hesitate to drop me a message and I'll check it out.
    It's best to do it by inserting some BBCode around one letter of the word, which causes the censor to not pick up what word it is. It looks nicest by setting the font to Verdana, since that's the default font anyway. So, for example, [noparse]****[/noparse]. Note that normally evading the censor is not allowed - fanfics are an exception since they should carry a warning for strong language anyway if they have it.
    Heeeeyyyyy, just wanted to swoop in and say it is totally okay for you to give your two cents. :D You make excellent points, and it was a good idea to bring in the perspective of someone who hasn't read her work yet. Don't be shy when it comes to pitching in~!
    Yup, Subzero Dragon made sure to mention that you were on it too when she sent it in. You'll both get credited when the results are posted.
    Hey, take your time. It's not like I'm going anywhere, and it's certainly not something you're obligated to do anyway!
    Well, you were a big factor in me finally realizing that important bit of writing advice along with Negrek, so welcome.
    Well, ordinarily I would say it depends on how much you want reviewed in response, but since you aren't strictly looking to exchange, that's a little moot. As many or as few as you like, really! Thank you for what you've done so far.
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