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  • I replied! And I have quite a few tricks under my pink fur, too! (I am Mew, after all.)

    Let us speculate about what would happen! 83


    I posted! Make your post, please! With the order!

    I noticed Agnibandar can almost sweep your team! XD It has super effective moves against all your Pokemon! And those attacks are of its own type, so...
    Twinkling stars represent a light trickle of light, the hope in the darkness of night.

    Just as a Dragonite halted my Ferrothorn's "sweep."
    Actually, I took it from:

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
    How I wonder what you are...
    Up above the world so high...
    Like a diamond in the sky...
    Rumor Batch 14 is false

    Absol is not part fairy
    (Neither is Mega Absol)
    Mewtwo does not require the special event Mewtwo to go Mega in either version
    The description for Mega Mewtwo given does not match the one recently revealed
    Neither Mega Mewtwo is part Fairy
    The first Mega Mewtwo, the one talked about in reference to the trailer in the rumor, is also not X exclusive

    Finally, by this point the Pokebeach rumors were very likely to be true across the board so a rumor adding in two mewtwos doesn't mean anything for that rumor.
    Well actually i'm in one already, and this being my first try I would not like to push myself so sorry but no.
    The three match rule only applies if we have already done 5 battles, so I can battle you as two slots of battle are full in the PASBL.
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