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  • Ah, I see.... :)

    Yup, they are! It isn't a huge band or anything (just a small local one), but it has been up and running for a long time (a bunch of years...) It is called The Beloved (used to be Downcast but then they changed it)! :)
    Yeah! my parents have their own band themselves, as they are musical lovers (and so am I), and they host shows sometimes. :) But you know Spoken?! WOAH! :D
    Hey! I am good... I have a busy day before me, but it is good...except with getting people to follow the rules in the RP thread. Mods are threatening to close it if people don't straighten up their acts with spam and too short posts... ugh. But what about you?
    Yeah, same here lol... XD

    Yes, IKR?! I totally agree with your whole VM... looks like a brick, can't have 3D... everything about it is all around BAD. >.<
    Haha, it is ok... XD

    Ummm... in all honesty, I think it looks ridiculous and is a huge step downwards from the 3DS. The only thing it has got going for it is the price, but other then that... just no. I want to try and convince my parents to get me a 3DS for Christmas (just have a DSi right now), but I don't know if that will happen or not... for the price of this thing though, if I HAD to, I would try to get them to get me this. But I don't know... I just don't like it honestly. :/
    I found a very good support Pokemon for my team!

    Togekiss! It has great bulk, is immune to all entry hazards bar Stealth Rock. Stealth Rock is super effective on it, but it can use Roost.

    But the main point is having both Dual Screens AND Heal Bell! I do not need to fear Burn on Ferrothorn so much now! And my Pokemon have great bulk now, too, courtesy of Dual Screens!
    On pokemonjourney.net. Yeah, it stinks, but at least it wasn't the main one I was playing on, also hosted by the same website.
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