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  • Hi hi! I've been messing around on X/Y a little more often the past couple of weeks. I'll be on this weekend if you want to get your bank ballers (no worries if this weekend doesn't work for you -- they're safely stored for whenever the call comes).
    Hey, how are you? Are you still BGing? I've been popping into X/Y every few days, between Animal Crossing sessions. I really need to devote a weekend to some breeding projects I want to get finished before ORAS (I pre-ordered my copy of AS last week). I have to admit, though, I'm torn between wanting to have a bunch of level 1s in the bank, waiting for their adventures in Hoenn, and just capturing and building my team within the new game. I suppose the only solution is to buy both games, and use one for each approach! ;)
    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    (I'm picturing you emerging from the Underdark as Gloria Estefan sings "Coming Out of the Dark.")

    I had good intentions of trying to get on Pokemon last weekend, but AC said otherwise. I'm starting to get my new town whipped into shape now, though, so if you want to get together this weekend, I'll be there. Conversely, if you need more time to breed things, that's all good, too -- your bank ball Pokes are safely stored away for whenever we're ready.

    Hope you're having a good (and significantly better lit ;P) week!
    I'd forgotten how completely and efficiently Animal Crossing consumes every spare minute of the day. I promise I'll pop back on Y one of these days!

    How far along are you in BG2?
    I decided to pop my Animal Crossing: New Leaf card back in my 3DS yesterday, and wound up starting a new town (it was too painful to see the changes to my old town). This'll give me that semi-new game experience to occupy time until Fantasy Life, without having to buy something (like, say BG2EE).

    Of course, any time you want to set up a trade in X/Y, just let me know, and I'll switch games.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Must ... resist ... urge ... to buy!

    On another game note: are you planning to get Fantasy Life when it comes out for the 3DS/2DS in October? I'm basically counting the days, as everything I've seen about it leads me to think it's the sort of game I live for. I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to fit in time for it and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire come November.
    Oh yes, much hate for Anomen! One of my (many) playthroughs was as a female character, and I just wanted to club him within 5 minutes of meeting him. I haven't played the EE, just the original version ... though all this talk is making me really consider buying the EE.
    Awesome trade! That's the nice thing about the Pokemon community: for all the little trolls out there, there are a lot of good folks doing nice things, too.

    Oh, and I heartily approve of playing an evil party in BG2. My first playthrough was with a thoroughly goody-goody paladin character, so I went back the second time and put together a team of baddies (mmmm, Viconia ... sorry, what were we talking about?). There's something very therapeutic about not having to negotiate with people ... have a disagreement? Kill the fool!
    I finished breeding all your Pokes over the weekend. I went ahead and bred every Apricorn Ball variant of Bidoof, so the total is 19. :)

    Some of the major gaps in my dex include:
    All the 4th-gen starters
    Tepig (or anything in its line)
    Eeveelutions (except Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Sylveon)

    Any spares of those that you have (especially females) would be a great help. As always, though, I'll take anything, really ... I just like breeding those bank ballers. :D
    No worries! I'm almost done with your latest batch of bank ball Pokes -- I just have to do the last 3 (Skarmory, Numel, & Kricketot) this morning/afternoon.
    I'll look through my 'dex and see what I need to fill in some of the gaps. Most of it is common enough stuff that I just haven't got around to evolving/breeding to complete the evolutionary chain (Eevee, I'm looking at you), so I'll try to focus on gaps where I haven't caught anything in the chain.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Sorry for the late response. I've been p sick as of late. If that's your decision, please make sure to say you're dropping out in the tournament thread, so it can be official. Family should always come above all else :)
    I'll be sure to get a Bidoof in each of the remaining balls next Thursday (when Sinnoh Sound is on the PokeGear Radio). I've never understood all the Bidoof hate that goes around, so I'm glad to hear you and your boyfriend are both showing him some love. :)

    I'll try to get most/all of the new guys bred this weekend. Do you have any big 4th of July plans (happy 4th, by the way!)?
    Aaaand here's the latest bunch of additions! I know you already have a few of these, but let me know if any others catch your eye (besides Friend Ball Ralts, which I'm already breeding for ya). :)

    Fast Ball: Electabuzz, Doduo, Plusle, Minun, Linoone
    Friend Ball: Skiploom, Ralts, Diglett, Gulpin, Farfetch'd, Spinda, Numel, Kricketot, Carnivine, Budew
    Heavy Ball: Miltank, Skarmory, Mawile
    Level Ball: Electabuzz, Meowth, Skarmory, Absol, Makuhita, Spinda, Spoink, Numel, Kricketot, Carnivine, Chatot
    Love Ball: Lapras, Ralts, Chansey, Miltank, Mawile, Spinda, Whismur, Spoink, Chingling, Bidoof, Budew, Meditite
    Lure Ball: Shellder, Relicanth, Krabby, Bidoof, Buizel
    Moon Ball: Ponyta, Houndour, Gulpin, Absol, Numel, Shinx, Meditite, Chatot
    Janaruto almost beat Capri. despite having a bad match-up. He only lost because of hax :c Just pick ghosts with moves that for sure beat Darks ~ It's possible. Anything is possible. YOU JUST GOTTA BELIEVE ._. :p
    Hey :] When would you like to have our matches for tour? we have up until the 14th to get it done. I'm free virtually any time after 3 PM EST.
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