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  • wtf are you trying to prove?

    everyone knows that telling little kiddies to attempt suicide through a pokemon forum means you have a huge penis =/
    I haven't added anyone yet, except for those I ACTUALLY speak with irl and have around 200 VMs with on the forums.
    out of curiosity, why the **** would the mods close a bumped thread then allow exactly the same thread to be recreated??? (rhetorical question so just ignore it)
    Because bumping an old thread is against the rules, it's as simple as that...
    also, population
    I would have said that, but I was unaware of the demographics in the UK and Japan, so I didn't. But somehow I get the feeling that ZN would disregard something that obvious anyway.

    And I think I just now realized who the "Meow" guy on my Facebook FR's is...
    No one would dare call me anything at college as I would make them wish that they were never born.

    It makes me happy to see anyone over 19 enjoying Pokemon. Keep up the good work as alot of people over a certain age "grow out of it". I have been a fan for nearly a decade.
    Hi, I'm the owner of Pokemon U.K. and Purple Mew has kindly added the monthly update onto the Pokemon UK group, please comment and discuss!
    I never realised that you were a Transformers fan.

    I love the Transformers, i wasn't too thrilled about the new movies, because i think they just killed the original story but what can you do?
    I love you.
    I have never wanted anything on the internet to become real more than I want that watch.
    I would wear it everywhere.
    Nah, I don't think they will ban me. There's nothing wrong about my threads. They are miscellaneous and they are polls :)
    I find it highly amusing that you insult people about the fact that they play Pokemon, yet you're on Pokemon forums, and have your own team. Very amusing.
    If you think you can even join a pokemon forum at your age, while subsequently criticizing other members, making lame sex jokes, and being so damned lazy you won't even type out your sentences, you need to get your life in check.
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