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  1. Sicksadpanda

    Ban Appeal.

    Hello Waygyanba, Terribly sorry for the long delay on this. We have lifted your ban. We believe that you were banned for long enough.
  2. Sicksadpanda

    Discord Ban Official Appeal

    The ban has been lifted for Peekatchu91.
  3. Sicksadpanda

    Why can't I join Discord server?

    The ban has been lifted.
  4. Sicksadpanda

    Discord Ban Official Appeal

    We discussed about it, and we decided to not lift the ban due to several inconsistency with your explanation. We feel that problems will continue if we let you back in. EDIT: The ban will be two weeks.
  5. Sicksadpanda

    Kicked from Discord

    The ban has been removed. You can get back in now.
  6. Sicksadpanda

    Why can't I join Discord server?

    The person who banned your account has said that he'll lift the ban in a week.
  7. Sicksadpanda

    Why can't I join Discord server?

    You were banned for offering a 6 IV ditto in BDSP, which was against our rules. At present, getting a 6 IV Ditto is near impossible (Pokeradar cannot help you with this either), and thus, is seen as hacked.
  8. Sicksadpanda

    Ban from Serebii.net Discord Server

    I spoke with him to see if he changes his mind. The answer remains the same, we will not lift the ban.
  9. Sicksadpanda

    Ban from Serebii.net Discord Server

    This was our response. We have no intention of lifting the ban. https://forums.serebii.net/threads/i-cant-access-serebii-discord.679608/
  10. Sicksadpanda

    Catching as many Pokemon possible without a gym badge

    The trade evolutions are still too high of a level in SwSh, so he's actually not able to catch them. He can only catch up to lvl 20 pokemon with this challenge ruleset.
  11. Sicksadpanda

    Very old and questionable ban?

    Hello Mikey. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate the original ban reasoning (since it apparently happened more than a year ago). I spoke with the other mods and we have agreed to revoke the ban. You can now join back in.
  12. Sicksadpanda

    Catching as many Pokemon possible without a gym badge

    Hahaha, I saw that question too. Doing it without a bike seems interesting since you have more time to appreciate the environment (even though wild area is ugly, the other two areas are at least better looking). I might do the challenge someday if I wasn't so busy lol.
  13. Sicksadpanda

    I can't access Serebii Discord

    Sorry for the late response on this one... I spoke with Bobandbill (he's currently busy at the moment), and according to him, "They failed to offer the other person their pokemon back, instead annoying them to get blocked again while behaving as if they were not at fault." It sounds like you...
  14. Sicksadpanda

    Ban appeal

    Please do not hijack another person's ban appeal thread. If you wish to submit an appeal, please make a new thread instead.
  15. Sicksadpanda

    I’m Mudkip6286 on Discord

    You were banned for two reasons. The first is that you were trying to push for hacked pokemon trades, and also admitting that you were planning to obtain more hacked pokemon. We had constantly repeat several times to you that hacked pokemon are strictly not allowed in the discord, no matter...