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  • Yeah I was sick on Wednesday but all my friends were upset and thought I purposely didn't say goodbye, still have finals this week though DX
    Anything new with you? My last day of School not including finals is on Wednesday next week and I graduate high school on June 8th I'm excited :)
    When you get the time look for this pokemon video 94-50101-14738 I uploaded it about an hour ago, I trolled someone with a sableye :3 and in only :3 turns I made them forfeit
    Yep but VERY rare, either as rare or rarer than Rayce's shiny starter XD eevee mine has no IV's about 18 though can't say what his Eevee's are, mine was caught at the cave poke spot, and yes that is the zubat, I can send you pictures of it once I get home if you'd like, I have them from when I was in battle with him up until it got to my white 2 game
    My first shiny was a weedle in the forest in Kanto on SS, second was my gurdurr everyone after that except clamperl and piloswine were caught on platinum, also I forgot I caught a shiny modest zubat on pokemon XD 2 months ago he is on white 2 now with double edge, giga drain, heat wave, and twister
    That's cool, which game was it on? My only 3 gen5 shinies I've caught are clamperl and gurdurr on white 1 and piloswine on white 2, none are good natures and I have the Shiny charm but haven't caught any shinies since I got the charm, I got the piloswine the day before I got the charm
    Hey what's new? I'm shiny hunting with my white 2 game, I have the shiny charm, its not working on my game yet
    Nope its not its cookies and cream flavored pop tarts, I opened it and its just odd seeing that before I eat :3
    Not much, just I opened some pop tarts and saw a skull shape in the frosting
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