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Oct 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2012
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Sickz was last seen:
Oct 12, 2013
    1. Banana Knight Arthur
      Banana Knight Arthur
      yeah I have the Japanese White-2 since launch date.
    2. Banana Knight Arthur
      Banana Knight Arthur
      I can take more pics if you want [IMG]
    3. Banana Knight Arthur
      Banana Knight Arthur
      I have Plasma Genesect with proof of legitimacy..

      Interested in Dream Radar KAmi trio
    4. Vandslaux
      Would you be interested in a Calm RNG'd Singing Piplup w/ Stealth Rock and other tutor moves of your choice for a Keldeo/Meloetta? I can clone.
    5. snivy trainer
      snivy trainer
      What Natures are your Keldeos and Meleottas?
    6. Dragonicwari
      Do you have any flawless/ near flawless timid keldeos? If so I have tons of shiny flawless pokes or an infinite supply of rare candies/ pp maxes
    7. rise and shine!
      rise and shine!
      oh ok thanks for telling me but would you like a scyther?
    8. rise and shine!
      rise and shine!
      interested in your meloetta and keldo. i can offer riolu with bullet punch and dark pulse houndour
    9. orochi
      i am interested in your meloettta, i can offer shinies/legendaries/items/events in return :)
    10. EarthquakeCroc
      So u dun want shiny flawless ? So u interested in just shiny and events?
    11. EarthquakeCroc
      I can offer a shiny flawless poke for it
    12. M4zz
      I noticed your posts in both the Keldeo and Meloetta trade threads. I'm offering a Shiny Emboar, and more or less a pic of your choice, as I have all the main 646 Pokemon (Legendaries are to be discussed if you're interested). Message me back.
    13. EarthquakeCroc
      do u still hav meleottas ? look in my sig for wt u want if u still do
    14. Wolfangs
      Well i gotta jet for a while make sure to send them lists vm or pm it doesnt matter and let me know if you have the other 2 events also. I will start getting more candies today. (I have edited a couple of the vms so I dont flood your profile page please make sure you read em again) If you want more candies for something I will work out a deal with you just not over 12 per poke plz thats a bit crazy even 4 me =/
    15. Wolfangs
      Wow really well crap =/ send me a list of the so im covered for at least gen 5 ^.^ and I will give you 6 candies per ditto I pick.

      If you have the following events I will give you 4 rare candies also Shokotan Keldeo and Movie Meloetta

      and then when I see your shinys I will go from there also granted if I got enough time to get all them rare candies /facepalm
    16. Wolfangs
      Depending what I ask for will rate the rare candies =) if its something big (shiny event) or something I really like (atm nothing unless you have flawless dittos for gen 4 games) then I usually will give 6 per poke but know that it will take me a few days to get your order ready ^.^

      Also if you could please send me a list of the shinys you have if they are only gen 5 unless its a shiny ninetails with drought (only one I really want shiny outside of gen 5 pokemon)
    17. Wolfangs
      Its okay and when you mean all events of this year do you mean just united states events or Japanese events also?
    18. Wolfangs
      Hello I seen your looking for rare candies and I was wondering what events and shinys you have pm me back if interested I dont have many right rare candies now but I can get some. This message has been sent to you Via vm due to your inbox being full. =/
    19. monutz324
      Weird... my inbox shows that I replied to the last message I received from you. It had been a couple of days since I heard from you which is why I decided to VM you when I saw you on earlier. Anyhoo, I have the DW Purrloin and Cubchoo ready if you'd like to trade now. My FC is 0948-7809-4392. I just need your FC and I can hop in the trading room.
    20. monutz324
      Hey! Looks like I just missed you. I have your DW Pokemon ready to trade. If you're back on in the next few hours message me and hopefully we can trade.
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