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  • Glad you'll be around more, man. It's always awesome having you around. :)

    And good luck with your new job!
    I hope you see fit to stop by The Angel of Reckoning, then. I think you'd enjoy yourself if you liked the previous one.

    And I'm glad to be helpful. I'm really enjoying the story so far.
    I have every intention to keep reading; do forgive me for spamming your thread with so many consecutive posts, but I felt it necessary to respond in the way I wanted to.

    I hope we get to talk further at some point. Looking back at previous messages, I see we exchanged some messages back in 2012 about something?
    I started reading Requiem after seeing Jax's review of it on Tumblr. Have to say, I'm pleased with the first chapter and I'm enthusiastic to see more after what I've heard.
    Of course you planned for that. XD

    But of course! I'm glad I started reading! It's been one hell of a story!
    ... Somehow I expected it to end like that. .. And at the same time, you utterly destroyed my expectations. ... It's an odd feeling of having guessed part of the resolution and being completely floored by the revelation.

    Good job, man.

    ... I will get a review of that last chapter... I promise. It's too good to let it slip by again.
    Just read your latest chapter! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed it very much and I'll be working on a review as soon as I can! :D
    .... Wow, it's been way too long without a reply or a review. I'll try and working again on those two things. Really sorry, man. Never meant for it to take so long to review...
    Hey, Sidewinder! Just wanted to say that I'm glad that you're back! I completely understand having to take a break.

    And, I appreciate the review! I will reply to that tomorrow!

    Also, one thing. Chapter 17 is right around the corner. :D It's being beta'd now and should soon be good to go. It hopefully fixes all the mistakes I made in Chapter 16 (The characters flitting around, the length, and whatnot.)
    Well, what do you see on the bottom currently? You can switch the scene from Poke-Amie and the Super Training to Global Settings, where you'll find the trade option (you'll need your friend's Friend Code in order to do so).
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