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  • I plan on being back if I can spare some time. Mostly inactive but Ill be trying to play some online games. I still need to relearn everything and catch up to the new meta:eek:
    I've got class all day, but I;ll be knocking about tomorrow if you're still up for a battle then.
    I think it was meant to be the Xat, but I don't think it's working (at least for me it's not).

    Sure, see you on Showdown. I'll be on lobby under Lord of the Llamas.
    They can do that? Wow. Anyway I'm GMT so you're only an hour ahead of me, I can probably do any of those times you're on. I'll try and be on around then anyway.
    hi idk if my pms are getting thru i have a shiny drowzee and a couple of legendaries to trade for your blazikenite and all of your y exclusive megastones and i can also ev train your pokemon just pm me.
    hi i saw your post about you having pokemon and anyone in need could vm you? I just got the game a few days ago and could really use alot of pokemon lol. Do you by any chance have any of the foillowing pokemon with good iv's/nature? i dont need perfect ivs just good ones. Tauros, weavile, sawk? thanks for your time
    Hi! I was wondering if you had any of these pokemon I need:

    5IV Natural Cure Timid Staryu
    5IV Overgrow Calm Chikorita
    5IV Lightningrod Timid / Modest Pikachu (encore, nasty plot)

    Thats cool. I was just wondering. Anyways Let me know if you'd like to battle sometime. I'm getting back into competitive battles now that my living dex is complete.
    Hey Sietse! So i'm officially done my living dex and kalos born dex!!! Wooo that took forever and again big help from you. So thank you again! So i'm back to competitive battling. So I had another request for you lol I don't actually know what you do if you're a cloner or a PokeGener lol or what. But anyways I would like to plan ahead with Omega Ruby. And the only game i don't have is Black and White 2. And with the tutor moves from that game it is quite frustrating that I can't get for example an Outrage Flygon. So this is more of a question before a request. Are you able to give people Pokemon with certain IV's and certain moves? If so i have 2 requests. lol Anyways hope you're having a great day.
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