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  • Well, relaxed is good! I hope you get good kids for your future tutoring sessions, too.

    Yeah, tumblr's definitely a mixed bag for me. I think I'd enjoy it more if I used it more how it's intended to be used--browsing tags and following a lot of blogs just because they post interesting content, reblogging a lot, etc.--but I've pretty much been treating it the way I used to use LJ, just following people I already know and mostly posting personal stuff/not reblogging much. Unfortunately the things I like most about LJ, namely the long posts and being able to get into a discussion about them with multiple other people are, like, the things tumblr is worst for. The horrible user interface and serious community problems (as you mentioned) are big negatives, too. But yeah, going back to LJ would be a pain, and basically everyone I know has peaced out of there, so... here we are. I do love the wonderful arts and gifs on tumblr, though! Definitely the place to be for visual fandom these days.
    Well, that's good. Having to deal with abusive pupils sounds awful, though. I hope you don't have to deal with any at the moment.

    Heh, I don't use my tumblr all that much, either; mostly I just have it so I can comment on posts by people I already know. Might be trying to switch back to LJ soon anyway, as I don't much care for tumblr by comparison. (Especially because I think ads are starting to show up on my dash? No thanks.) I'll totally add you!
    Yeah, there was some seriously heavy stuff under all the crazy, unfortunately. It's good to know that most of the old crowd is still around and doing well.

    Wow, that's intense. I don't think I could handle a situation like that... I'd be too worried about screwing something up and making life even worse for the kid somehow. I'm just not good with people generally, though. Not so much a good tutor. I hope you keep finding it exciting, though, and manage to find more permanent work.

    And yeah, it's great to hear from you! Do you have a tumblr yourself?
    I've been a mod for ages on sppf. Kinda weird in a way... JX Valentine only got added as a mod middle last year, but the rest of us have stuck around. I suppose I'm still much younger in mod years to Psychic and Dragonfree, haha.

    You draw stuff? Neat! I can only draw stuff badly. :V

    What do you tutor/teach? I did (and hopefully will do) some tutoring at uni as well, but it's not yet regular semester time this year at uni. And good luck with rl stuff working out.
    I've been alright. Still on forums a heck of a lot, haha. I mod on here and PC and even a third (smaller) one tied to a webzine! Pokemon is a hard bug to get over, as is writing! As for rl, I'm doing a phd in physics which is interesting thus far. And yourself?

    It's also good to see familiar faces return. =)
    Well, even if you only drop in for the one review, it's always nice to see you pop up now and again. No kidding about the memories; it's pretty crazy how long we've been doing this. I actually went on an old LJ archive trawl not too long ago... a bit embarrassing at times, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

    I've been doing pretty well. Trapped in school for eternity, but it's not a bad gig, really. How about you?
    *glances at previous conversation* Do you exist now, or still just hiding under a smokescreen? :V
    You're not?! Oh, then I guess I had better put away this delicious "welcome back, Silawen" cake I've been working on all day.

    Oh, but if you are...well, I'm sure you'd prefer if such a wonderful cake was given to my alligator. :>
    I'm often delusional, and also insane. Point? =p

    I am realising more and more how long I've been around now... XD
    The most interesting thing that's been going on in your absence is probably that for a while now -Silver-'s fics have been stirring up discussions because of their apparently entirely unintentional sexist overtones. She's made a lot of Author's Café threads, if you want to catch up on the drama.

    There were also matt0044's repeated attempts to rewrite various Pokémon games with characters from his various favorite cartoons as the main characters and the repeated Authors' Café threads he made about that.
    Whoo, you're back!

    Heh, if you're referring to the layout, it was only just changed yesterday, so it's just as alien to the rest of us. :p
    It's because we all see the fics that need to be reviewed the most and immediately hop to them before anybody else can. *nodnod*

    Ugh, always lovely, but capitalization is serious business! I'm mostly procrastinating writing up some things for homework and judging contest entries, and am running out of distractions. A dire situation, I tell you.

    Ohhh darn it, Sila - I was going to review Neo Duality's fic first. XD You already went over a fair amount of what I was going to say, only more concisely. *shakes fist*

    How have you been otherwise? It's great to see you back again. ^^


    PS: Also D8 at the poster below you being crazy about capitalization. May have to link em to Farla. It'll be tons of fun.
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