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  • Hey Silawen! Its me again *you can see that but hey I like to make an entrance* I was just here to ask really if you could review Chapter 18 and 19, they're both linked together as they're Contest eps and they're my latest so I wanted to recieve someones opinion and also get another review. Thanks! If you cant then dont worry : )
    That's okay (feels like I've had a similar reply xD), though I'm glad there's at least a chance. On a different note, how's "Caught in the Moment" going? I know you're not writing obsessively (I think you mentioned once it's something for fun, which could go anywhere).
    I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I (subtly) requested if you would like to review my fic once, though I haven't really gotten a reply. I don't mind if you don't want to, I'm just hoping for an answer.
    Thanks for the review. I appreciate the time you took out of your day to review and edit. I posted an explanation on my thread if you wanted to take a look.
    Oh that's really good to hear! I had thought you stopped! Well in that case take your time. Knowing you haven't given up, I can wait.
    I've been missing Caught in the Moment, it's proving difficult to find an equally well done Johto fic. Even in the roar of HG/SS. Please, please continue!
    I've been skimming your fanfic "Caught in the Moment" and want to say it's awesome. Amy is so real and likeable, and Toto's just awesome. It just feels so...REAL. Good job. ^^
    Ya thanks. Your review was kind of a wake up call. I was thinking through my plans for the story and they seem too cliche. I think what I'm going to do is re-start the fict, after I go back to the drawing board and spend more time on each chapter to make it as good as possible.
    Hey, thanks for the review. It really gave me some ideas on how to improve the story. If you want to review more, please be my guest :p . Even though this is my first fict, I really want to work hard to make it a good one.
    ^^ Very true...both about it taking forever and being totally worth it. I actually reviewed regular fiction for a year during my internship at a literary magazine - I'd read about fifteen or so short stories a week, write what I liked and what I didn't about them, and then decide on acceptance or rejection. It would eat up so many hours of my time, especially when a lot of people's submissions were upwards of twenty pages long and had a lot of material to cover ^^' But knowing that I was possibly helping someone, even from my humble position as a college student who's never submitted a work for publication herself...well, it was all worth it. :) (The great job experience didn't hurt, either :) ).

    ^___^ Awwww, thanks :) Since I've been so busy, I've been very lax in reviewing fics on Serebii, and the most recent example I could find was from Summer '08, and I can see my flaws just reading it again - I corrected grammar without explaining why I did it, which is something I wouldn't do if I were to write a review today ^^' Reading comments from folk like you and purple_drake, and my year spent with the literary magazine, have helped me improve a lot in that regard ^^ Here's the review: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=8146937#post8146937
    Yeah, I understand exactly what you mean...I'm moving halfway across the country in only a few week's time, so heaven knows if I'll have any time to do much of anything myself ^^' The last round of reviews I left took about two hours each to type up, so...yeah XD

    But even if you can't review very often, it's still great to see :) That's exactly the kind of guidance new writers need - and if I can only be even half as good when I finally have the time to review again, I'll consider it a job very well done ^^
    Okay really...filled with stress due to lots of crazy things so I took about a few weeks break from my fic before reutrning to it with a new eye to writing...strange comment there I think...and quite pleased with c/w which I'm getting A's and A*'s in...so everything is mediocre
    Hey, i see you posted in my fic, and i appreciate your advices. Would you like to be added to PM list?
    Oh, thanks for hearing me out!

    I was simply wondering if you wouldn't mind beta-reading my story/stories for me? I was told you're a tad nitpicky and you may beta-read. .
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