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  • Yeah, I'm not trying to say they aren't my fault, but they're not his as he was picking up on more prominent matters at the time.

    One was trying to vary my writing style which seems to be working with the readers.
    Just here to tell you what my beta does!

    He checks over and suggests how I could improve it, and explains what mistake I made, and that is great with both of us as I get to do the writing while he is still helping.
    Where's the review you promised me since last year, woman?!

    Meh, I'm kidding. I can understand why you're holding back since I'm not even showing signs to even update my fic. *slaps face*

    Oh, I'm a closet reader of your fic. I wouldn't dare say anything because well, I'm not a very good writer myself and your stuff is really good. I quite like how you portray the Pokemon of your fic and I myself is trying to do that, having got tired of seeing all this human-in-pokemon-costume-characters. Though I'm not very good at doing that(the Pokemon seem to vaporize in certain points of my story. It's probably one of the reason why I can't stop going back to fix those parts). So I'm gonna emulate you from now on. Be prepared to be violated. <.< Nah, I'm joking. It's hard to copy a style.

    I'm probably babbling too much. Will leave something in your fic thread soon. Always have fun.
    Well, I'm not intending to respond to her fic anymore, so I don't know if it's justified to call it 'persistence'. Iirc, you also persisted in reviewing her fic. ;)

    But thank you.
    You mean with regards to the difficulties posting, or attempting to interact with the 'subject'? ^.^; Either way, thanks.

    Indeed. I'm starting to think it's psychologically impossible for her to be reasonable ... it's sad, actually. In some way I really do want to help her, but ... *shakes head* You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.
    I just looked over at the reveiw you gave for my fanfic (again, I'm writing a new one and I intend to not make the same mistakes), and I feel bad. I'm sorry you took time into writing that criticizing reveiw and I just had the thread closed. I feel sorry about making stupid decisions and being inspecific and favoring my character.
    I just had to say sorry because now I'll feel a lot better. Thank you for taking time to reveiw my fic even if I did have it close.
    Yes, clearly! None shall ever know. I'll be sure to tell all my children and grandchildren the day the mighty Silawen was born. (Though all my babies are all gonna be pervert Eevee, so maybe I just won't bother.)

    I knooooow. That's why I tried to get it for you; I can't get you your favourite CD or a a pair of shoes you'd like, but I know that this is something you'd apprciate no matter what. :3

    And thanks back. ^^

    Gah, nobody ever tells me anything! >_<;;

    So HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY. *hands you the greatest gift you could possibly ask for: a bunch of idiots-turned-literary geniuses, gift-wrapped, with a red ribbon on top*

    ...I'd be able to actually give it to you if this was the land of make-believe, too.

    Here's to a good year. *raises glass of milk* To your sanity and mine!

    hey... I was wondering if you could look over my fic when you had time.
    The name is: "Hand of Hands".
    If you need the link, let me know.
    If you don't have time, thats fine.
    Welcome... and just for reference, I closed down my sucky little fic. I started a new one instead, and I hope it's better.
    Happy B-Day again.
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