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  • Yeah, but I'm kind of impatient really. I just write what I feel about the fic, give a few tips, then leave. I'm like that.

    I guess that I really made a bad impression with my first few reviews in that forum. As you can see, after every review I write in that forum now, I get two or three people behind my back telling me to leave the writer alone. It's maddening.

    And for an unfathomable reason, I sent you a friend request.
    I do that to but well...

    Take this for example. It's at another forum in which I moderate in. I'm Zeus.

    The comment below says that I was harsh. In what way was I being harsh!?
    You are so helpful. I don't know why so many people hate you.

    My heart melted when I saw that comment on the My Pokemon World fic. I wish I was more like you :<
    I see you've got a blog.

    Well, since you seem to very much enjoy searching for things that people say about you in order to respond to them, obviously two (or more) could play at that game.

    This time, though, let me be courteous and save you the trouble.

    I hope you doesn't think you're getting some sort of sweet revenge by insulting me on your blog, because the fact that you don't have the guts to say some of this to people's faces completely negates any miniscule effect your comments might have had on my self-esteem.

    My message to you is, if you don't like SPPf - if you think the stories suck, if you think the writers and the reviewers suck...you don't have to be here. Go somewhere where you think the quality's so much better instead of going to your own blog to bash people on this one.

    You don't have to stick around here, you know, if people here are such idiots and the forum itself is so idiotic. Go find a better one - that is, a forum that kisses up and agrees with everything you say. Then, maybe you can become a mod or admin and tyrannically oppose all opposition without fear of reprisal.

    Well, maybe not. It's very possible that the several dozen people that don't like you, your critiques, or your reviewing styles could all be wrong. It's just not very likely...and it doesn't help your case to insult their intelligence for disagreeing with you, either.

    After all, you're not out to tear people down or critique for the specific purpose of showing readers that a certain author's story "isn't that great" (this coming straight from your blog) ...are you? Nah, no way - you just think that you're supremely better than every writer and reviewer on this forum that doesn't agree with you, right?

    There's a reason about 1 out of every 5 people that read your reviews think that anything you have to say has any value...and it has nothing to do with anyone else's lack of intelligence.

    - ;196; EM1
    Umm... guys, just to let you know, Silawen talked about all of you in her Live Journal... it wasn't anything good either. She's gonna talk abou this too, I just know it.
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